Valorant Free AHK Color Triggerbot 2021

valorant free ahk color triggerbot 2021

 Version: Version V2

 Developers: Shrie

Valorant Free AHK Color Triggerbot 2021

Valorant Free AHK Color Triggerbot is a AutoHotKey script for Valorant that shoots the enemies automatically which you can download on our website.

How to Use the Triggerbot
  1. Download AHK (AutoHotKey) from their official website -> 
  2. Then go download the TriggerBot by clicking on the red download button at the bottom of this post
  3. Extract the TriggerBot from the rar archive
  4. Open the Triggerbot with AutoHotKey
  5. Set the enemy color to purple in the Valorant settings
  6. Press F2 to turn the Triggerbot on and go into a game
  7. Hold Right Click to shoot the enemies automatically while you aim [You can change the keys by editing the script yourself]


Only logged in users can download cheat.


    1. On certain games Yes but on valorant your allowed to use it some people that have broken keyboards are allowed to change up their keybinds with AHK you can’t get banned.

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