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Valorant LOLmenu | Valorant Reworked Cheats

OUTDATED Valorant LOLmenu | Valorant Reworked Cheats

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: 10HEAD

Hello dear CheaterMad members. This is a great free cheat in Valorant LOLmenu – Valorant Reworked Cheats that you can download right away. Thanks to this hack, you will be able to shoot perfectly and not be banned for it in the game. All you need is to download this cheat from our website, run it and set the right settings for a great game.

Valorant LOLmenu

my settings like this, but it’s not aiming at the chest, it’s aiming at the head.

sensitivity = 0.75
smoothing = 0.1
mode = 3

aim color = PURPLE
snapping area = CHEST
toggle key = MB5
hold or toggle = TOGGLE
hFov = 100
vFov = 100

What is this Valorant Reworked Cheats? / General Info:

This is a release of an Undetected mouse input method for which no hardware or anything else is needed (like an arduino[…]). Attached is a reworked version of the Valorant LOLmenu and Va-LOL-rant as well as Bluefire’s Colorbot (which are all colorbots to cheat in Valorant).

Is this really my own Method?

No obvious not haha!! I just found it on github, as I have written 1000 times here on github is more than you think. You just have to search properly

Why am I doing this?

I don’t need the method anymore and since it’s always been undetected I wanted to release it so you can cheat for a few days xd.
For all pasters: the doc already knows and this method will be fixed it’s a matter of time.

Source Part:

Reworked LOLMenu

Additional info:

IMPORTANT: The MouseInput.dll must be in the same folder as the cheat, otherwise the cheat will not start! And you need to start both as Administrator, otherwise it won’t start!

LOLMenu is no longer a dll but an exe! In both cheats there is also a SHIT triggerbot use it or don’t use it I don’t care. (With both Configs you have to enter other values than with Interception, because it is not Interception but something else!)

You can find the mouse input dll on the chinese page, you can download it there, otherwise it is in the compiled stuff but I am not allowed to upload it to github otherwise the post will be locked! Either get it yourself or wait for the approval of the upload!

valorant reworked cheats

Words From 10HEAD:

Well, now it’s public i hope the method / cheats are not sold too often or something. Be careful what you buy or use. Have fun while Cheating and Stay well!

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  1. 14581

    i am on 64 bit was talking about 32 bit notepad

  1. 143847

    cheatermad’s cheats trash 🙂

  2. 157269

    hmm doesnt seem to work for me im getting an chinese error I translated it it says “driver start-up error”
    i followed everything i have the MouseInput.dll on the same folder with exe but still getting the error. seems im hopeless

  3. 37789

    Hello, could you provide me with the source code for this updated version? I have the old version with more than 60 days working without being detected but as I say it is the old version, without triggerbot or the option to load configuration, contact me if you want on my discord CatTito#2166 and we work together on this project. I ask you for the code because it was removed from GitHub and the one I found is very old and without the update but functional in a primitive way and without detections.

  4. 22056

    it just crashes notepad++ ;-;

  5. 14581

    any free spoofers? that bypass val?

  6. 15241

    I injected the lolmenu dll into notepad ++ but it said in compatible because the notepad++ was 32 bit so I installed a 64 bit one but still didnt work

  7. 14581

    still works what am i suppose to inject this to where do i find notepad 32 bit??

  8. 11603

    Doesnt work, dll is 32bit, valorant is 64bit

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