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War Room Trainer Hack v2.0

OUTDATED War Room Trainer Hack 2021

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: wh0am15533

War Room Trainer Hack 2021

This War Room trainer hack – which available to download for free on our website – is possibly the best and the only War Room cheat you can find out there.

This trainer lets you open the dev menu / console. With this console you can do almost everything imaginable, like editing values and maxing everything. Pretty much everything the dev of the game can do.

About War Room

Become the Commander of the US Army in Afghanistan! Take control of the territory, patrol and protect an area of ​​more than 1000 km². Set up and provision your bases, unlock new units, take care of your army and keep civilians safe.
Evacuate the wounded, provide direct air support and track down terrorists and disrupt their networks. Help political candidates hold secure democratic elections.


Troops in extreme combat will withdraw. Send MEDEVAC helicopters to rescue the injured and leave no one behind. Value your man’s life, your equipment is hard to replace.
Clear IED roads so your supply convoys can reach distant FOBs and patrols without unnecessary losses.


Hundreds of units will be under your direct and indirect control. Issue patrol orders, send humanitarian missions, establish bases in enemy territory and take care of your troops.


Kushan Province is fictitious, however, the game’s plot and many missions are based on actual events during the war in Afghanistan.

War Room Trainer Hack – Installation
  1. Download the trainer by clicking on the download button which can be found at the bottom of this post
  2. Extract the trainer out of the archive [password: cheatermad]
  3. Follow these one of these tutorials to inject the dll into the game
    How to inject trainer dll with DoorStop?
    How to inject trainer dll with BepInEx?
  4. Start the game after following the tutorial
  5. Enjox 🙂

If you have any issues with the installation, join our Discord server and we will help you

War Room Trainer Hack – Screenshot


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