Watch Dogs 2 Single Player Trainer – Best WD2 Trainer


 Version: 1.2.1

 Developers: Nomad group

Watch Dogs 2 Single Player Trainer – Best WD2 Trainer

The Watch Dogs 2 Single Player Trainer ScriptHook comes with a Trainer with the following features:

  • Player: God, Ammo, Noclip, Weapons, Wanted, Clothes, Teleport, Camera
  • Vehicle: Spawn, Spider Tank, Repair
  • Inventory: Give items, drone & toy car management
  • Environment: Time, Time Scale, Weather, World Spawner, Media Broadcasts, Clone Entities
  • and much more yet to come!


Download & Installation Watch Dogs 2 Single Player Trainer

  1. Run the installer, Windows SmartScreen will show up. Confirm running the executable.
  2. Click Next, please check and make sure that the correct path is filled in, you can find it Uplay -> Watch_Dogs 2 -> Properties -> Local files and Steam -> right click on Watch_Dogs 2 -> Properties -> Tab "Local files" -> browse local files
  3. Confirm the license agreement.
  4. Done



Q: Can I use this in multiplayer?
A: No. This is a single-player ONLY mod. Meaning you cannot get banned

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