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Zero Hour Hack Free ESP – Map Cheat

UNDETECTED Zero Hour Hack Free ESP

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: Trey135421

CheaterMAD member are you here ? OK. Now I am sharing the Zero Hour Hack Free ESP and more with you. Endless thanks to its developer for developing an excellent wallhack hack for the popular fps game zero hour! Now let’s come to the features of our cheat.
in our cheat, Player Esp,Features such as Info Esp (Name, Distance, Weapon, Health), Box Esp, Line Esp, Skeleton Esp are available. Don’t forget to comment for more features. If you need support, join our discord server here.

Zero Hour Hack Free ESP Game About:

Zero Hour A tactical FPS with online team-based action game play that takes place in a variety of locations in Bangladesh with Real-life scale & resource management. Inspired by various other tactical shooter games, Zero Hour tries to bring a very grounded CO-OP and Team vs Team experience in locations with real-life scale (no video game scale) and resource management. In multiplayer, both sides are tasked to wipe out the other team and complete objectives. The defenders are tasked to protect the bomb from being defused and keep their hostage from being rescued and running away. On the contrary, the attackers are to defuse the bomb or rescue the hostage held captive. In the CO-OP mode, based on the map you decide to play in, will have several objectives that will need to be completed in order to call for extraction.

Namespace: ZeroHourMono
Class Name: Loader
Method Name: Load

Visuals – (Only player esp works for right now)

  • Player Esp:
  • Info Esp Name,
  • Distance,
  • Weapon,
  • Health
  • Box Esp
  • Line Esp
  • Skeleton Esp.


  • No Recoil
  • No Spread (Press numpad0 or the button).

– Configuration –

Customize esp colors & which types of esp you want.

Developer Note:
You need sharpmonoinjector to inject this.

Zero Hour Hack Free ESP

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  1. 94164


  1. 218560

    not working. sharpmonoinjector also does not support injecting into this game.

  2. 112820

    this cheat need update ASAP

  3. 103878

    Same, no mono process found, how to proceed ?

  4. 101915

    No Mono Process Found?

  5. 100245

    How do i install it if sharp mono injector is not working?

  6. 92034

    where find 64 it?

  7. 85413

    mono_class_from_name() returned NULL . Does admin even care about this site lmao

  8. 81782

    password doesnt work lamo

  9. 49345

    I have the cheat injected how do i get esp

  10. 46913

    whats the no recoil button ?

  11. 44423

    The injection doesn’t work it says mono_class_from_name() returned NULL

  12. 42458

    I press 0 for no recoil in game and it doesnt work

  13. 41788

    it doesnt let me inject? (using saz injector)

  14. 40893

    not sure if its just me but zero hour isn’t detected by the injector anymore

  15. 38690

    What do i do once i have the cheat downloaded

  16. 33774

    What do I put in Class name and method name

  17. 1517

    does ZH have an anti cheat?

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