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ZigaChanger v2.0 – Free Skin Changer for CSGO

USE AT OWN RISK ZigaChanger v2.0 - Free Skin Changer for CSGO

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: Fufrer

ZigaChanger v2.0 – Free Skin Changer for CSGO

ZigaChanger is a simple Skin, Knife, Glove Changer for CSGO with additional Visual and Misc features like Bunnyhop, Auto Strafe and many more

Can my CS:GO Account get banned by a Skin Changer?

With this skin changer, no, you cannot get banned (Especially if you are using a VAC Bypass). But if you are using a CSGO cheat or a Skin / Inventory Changer that you are not sure if it detected or not, it might be risky to use it. That is why I recommend you to only download from our website as we have many undetected ones and we change the status of our cheats when it is detected or outdated. You can always see this at the left top corner of our posts.

How to Use ZigaChanger

  1. Like usual, download the Skin Changer first
  2. Extract the dll file from the rar archive that you have downloaded
  3. Get yourself and injector or a loader from our website [Highly Recommended: MadLoader + NoVac]
  4. Start CS:GO
  5. Run the loader / injector you downloaded
  6. Inject the dll into CSGO with it
  7. Press Insert [INS] to toggle the menu
  8. Enjoy and stay safe :))

ZigaChanger v2.0 – Free Skin Changer for CSGO Features

I am not going mention all of the features of this Skin Changer but here are the most important ones that you should know before you download it:

  • Visual Features
  • Misc
    • Spectator List
    • Reverse Nickname
    • Auto Bhop
    • Auto Strafe
    • Auto Accept
    • Block Community Server Advertisements
    • Bypass Invite Cooldown
  • Inventory
    • Weapon Skin Changer
    • Knife Changer
    • Glove Changer
    • Player Model / Agent Changer
  • Configs

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Comments (4)

  1. 119137

    ne fonctionne pas

  2. 97508

    can other see my skin weapons etc ? and are the skin saved in my account or they are just fake and i am the only who can see ?

  3. 112871

    Dont Working

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