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Apex External Hack Glow-ItemGlow-Basic Aimbot

DETECTED Apex External Hack Glow

 Last Version: 13/07/2021

 Developers: vincent

We are here with a great cheat released today by Apex External Hack Glow-ItemGlow-Basic Aimbot and its developer with more features. I express our endless gratitude to the developer for this hack. Please remember to turn off your virus defender before using it. I do not recommend playing on your main account. Remember that the Apex External Hack Glow-tem Glow-Basic Aimbot cheat is only made for you to enjoy.


vinwer 1909 or  20h2 (check google if you don’t know what winver 1909/20h2 is)

Step by step Apex External Hack Glow :

  1. Choose your version depending on your vinwer version.
  2. Start apex (no need to be in the menu to start a cheat) only the game needs to be open (apex.exe is running ^^) I do it personally when I am on the server selection page
  3. Start Lulu v3.0 as administrator
  4. Password is 666 or 6666
  5. 0 for NO and 1 for Yes


Select your feature one by one using “1 for yes / 0 for no” + press enter
  1. glow -> players glow (must be !!, not working if you don’t cheat), NO VISA CONTROL so you will always see the red enemy
  2. Glow item -> show everything on the floor with color and shit
  3. aimbot -> Reworked Aimbot, I tried to make it like a controller aiming aid (bit is stronger), (aimkey numeric pad is 0, so connect it somewhere)

I didn’t add vischeck atm so use the brain and aim at the wall like a monkey or ban it like a banana

After doing this and pressing the Enter key, you will see the sptr count drop to the normal level and that means you are good to start the game and have fun.

  • Vis check
  • Better aimbot works -> done
  • Private Aimkey
  • clean / remove drive when reboot does the hack
Known issue:

1) The service manager ID could not be obtained. (0x5) -> Run as administrator

2) the driver could not be installed -> you have already installed the driver so you need to install it using the process hacker or restarting the computer or whatever you know

Support : Click the Join Discord
Other Apex Hacks : Click Here

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Comments (52)

Popular Comments
  1. 24761

    How would I bind the aimbot key is there a video somewhere pls

  1. 42330

    everytime i run the cheat i get bluescreen saying page fault in nonpaged area. is it just me or everyone get the error?

  2. 36028

    it says login what’s that meeean

  3. 16384

    the cheat no longer works gotta wait for a update esp or soft aim dont work

  4. 22148

    so yeah i have tested a lot and my pc just crashes if anyone has a fix or and updated version let me know

  5. 22148

    so after the new patch i dont think it works but ima keep testing tho bc i have used it for months and i dont want it to be gone now

  6. 34601

    do you hold or tap num0

  7. 8467

    i get band after 6 mach max kill 4 :// and aimbot is so trash :////

  8. 28734

    when i bind the key for aimbot to m4 it doenst work.

  9. 1517

    it keeps closing for me. like, i run it. works great. but mid game just randomly closes it self. all av is off.

  10. 14928
    So i use this Cheat for about 1 Month and still not banned it`s nice and works fine. But some suggestions for improvement :
    Pls upgrade the aimassist cause it´s not that strong and you dont even see that you have it on(pls add something to see if it´s on or off)
    And the second thing is maybe you should upgrade the Esp to Box Esp or somthing like that cause sometimes i don´t see the enemies!
    But i know it´s still a free Cheat and for that it´s still good
  11. 28011

    got me banned dont use

  12. 30986

    is there a way to tell if the aim assist is active?

  13. 30488
    • Private Aimkey

    How can I change the aimkey?

  14. 20072

    why is the team eps good but when you see the the target it flickers

  15. 28411

    well it signed me out and somehow got it back cause of kapersky i think….

  16. 24761

    How would I bind the aimbot key is there a video somewhere pls

  17. 8733

    pretty good cheat but the aimbot doesnt work

  18. 22148

    doesnt work anymore i got kicked from game

  19. 21469

    can i change the aimkey?

  20. 16676

    How to use aimbot
    (i dont khow the aimkey Bruh)

  21. 18025
    It doesn't work for me yet I tried everything (I'm French)
  22. 15388

    does not work for me “failed to get base address”

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