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Battlefield Hardline Unlock Tool | Camo & Attachements

OUTDATED Battlefield Hardline Unlock Tool

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: menready1108

Battlefield Hardline Unlock Tool is a hacking tool which allows you to unlock camos and weapon attachements for your weapons for free

Being forced to pay for weapon skins and their attachements just sucks super hard. So cheat developers have come up with these kinds of tools that automatically unlock these customization items absolutely for free. What you are required you to do is just run the unlock tool and you are good to go. Do note that this unlocker only works for Battlefield Hardline and not for any other Battlefield games such as Battlefield 4 or Battlefield 5. But for games like those, you can check out our Battlefield Cheats and Hacks

How to Use Battlefield Hardline Unlock Tool

  1. Download the unlocker which can be done by clicking on the download button down below
  2. Extract the files that come in the RAR archive to a folder of your choice
  3. Now, start Battlefield Hardline from either Steam of EA’s launcher
  4. Opent the folder where you have the unlock tool itself
  5. Click on it twice and run it
  6. Enjoy and have fun!

Developer Notes | Battlefield Hardline Unlock Tool

Not tested cuz I’ve uninstalled bfh, I just paste from my bf4 unlocker and modified offset for bfh

But I’m sure it works

This tool does not allow you to unlock any weapons that you have not yet unlocked

Please keep in mind that unlock will be limited to some camo and weapon attachments only

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