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Crab Game Free Cheat GOD MODE | Mobware Crab Game Hack Internal v1.36


 Last Version: 11/12/2021

 Developers: BackCode

Crab Game Free Cheat GOD MODE For game modes that require combat actions, players using hacks can easily kill with target lock and one hit kill. This way, your opponents will have no chance and in the end you will win the round.

If developer Dani cares about the game, he should start protecting the game and punish cheaters who cause damage in the lobby and prevent other players from enjoying the game.

Since the game is free, players will not stop cheating in the game as it does not affect them in any way. So they will do everything else to cheat in the game and make other players who are playing the game quit the game.  For Other Crab Game Cheats and hacks 

crab game free cheat god mode

Features of Crab Game Free Cheat GOD MODE

  • God Mode
  • Anti-Slap-Knockback
  • Player ESP
  • Breaking Platforms ESP
  • Different Fly-Modes and Fly-Speed Settings
  • Multijump and Jump Height Settings
  • No Slap Cooldown
  • MEGA-Slap
  • Teleport to last saved Position
  • Right-Click Teleport
  • Fly Noclip
  • Items/Weapons Menu
  • Player-Speed Setting
  • Save Position & Teleport back
  • Keybinds for most Features

crab game cheats

How to use – Crab Game Free Cheat GOD MODE?

  1. Open ProcessHacker or your favourite injector and select the process “Crab Game.exe”
  2. Inject and then press “INS” for open the gui.

ChangeLogs For Mobware Crab Game Hack:

  • Added seperate option to enable/disable slap cooldown
  • Added Platform(Glass Maps) & PlayerChams
  • Added Break all breakable “Glass” on Glass-Maps
  • Improved Anti-Knockback
  • Changed UI Color
  • Other small Fixes

Developer Note for Mobware Crab Game Hack :

I’m releasing my crabgame internal cheat since I did another one external (currently private for have some fun with my friends).
It’s updated to the latest version (1.352).

Winrar Password: 123

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  1. 8570

    u didnt followed the steps

  1. 131214

    i need help how to i do the processing thing and how do i open it

  2. 127476

    he dont open

  3. 128992

    I want to ask a question exactly here, because I have not found the answer on the Internet. Are cheats banned in this game? just cheats are embedded in the game folder itself, and any anti-cheat will detect this, even the worst

  4. 129557

    where do i put the bepinex?

  5. 128992

    why is the god-mode button not working? It can only be activated via the menu

  6. 51527

    No Works Trash Code from trash dev RIP

  7. 128270

    I dont have an insert key on my keyboard, how do I open it?

  8. 27001

    it’s a shame that there’s no more super slap but it was fun.

  9. 127753

    Doesn’t work anymore

  10. 127506

    does not work

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