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Free Crab Game Cheat Speed Hack, Fly Hack, God Mode | Crab Game v1.362 | 1hAck v3.4

OUTDATED Free Crab Game Cheat Speed Hack

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: 1hack

Free Crab Game Cheat Speed Hack, Fly Hack, God Mode and updated with more features!You are at the right place for the best Free Crab Game Cheats and Hacks Download. Our Cheatermad.com website continues to bring you the best free Cheats and Hacks for the new game Crab Games. Crab Game is a brand new game that was released for free on Steam just 3 days ago. This game is also known as Squid Game.

free crab game cheat speed hack

Free Crab Game Cheat About

Free Crab Game Hack I have tested and I am using it is really cool You can download this crab game hack absolutely free. Just follow the steps given below on how to use and download and you are ready.

I personally used this cheat and I will say one thing, it is very cool and simple. The cheat is started using any working injector, the cheat is controlled using the GUI menu. Everything is very simple and clear. Download the cheat from our website and do not miss the current versions of the cheat, I advise you to subscribe to the newsletter so as not to miss the working versions of the cheat.

free crab game cheat

Crab Game About (Similar to Squid Game):

Hello! You’re in some debt and that seems like your only way out. Play this Game fairly and don’t break any rules to pay off your debt or you will be ‘kipped’ (Died). To win the game, it is highly recommended to form alliances to survive the tween nights. No matter how good friends you have, remember that this game has only one winner!

Crab Game is a First-Person Multiplayer game where you fight for the ultimate cash price in different minigames based on children’s games, until only one player is left to claim it all.

free crab game cheat

How to use Free Crab Game Cheat Speed Hack:

  1. Extract this .rar file (if you haven’t already)
  2. Run *Extreme Injector v3.exe* or any game injector
  3. Click on *Add DLL* in the injector and add the .dll from this folder: *Crab Game Mod Menu – 1hAck.dll*
  4. Click on *Inject* while Crab Game is RUNNING and Enjoy!

NOTE: If you don’t see the mod menu but the injector said “Injection successful!”, go in the settings of Crab Game, go to the Video Tab and switch Fullscreen Mode to “FullScreenWindow”

ChangeLog v3.3

4 New Features:

  • Kill a player/all players (host only)
  • Respawn yourself/a player/all players (host only)
  • Freeze a player/all players (host only)
  • A new command: tphere, teleports a player/all players to you (host only)
  • You can also use the kill or respawn commands in the chat instead of using the Menu’s GUI.
  • I changed the commands up so that they use the real player numbers/IDs that you can see near the players’ names in Crab Game.
  • This means you should now use the number near the player’s name as the player’s ID in the 1hAck commands.


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    maybe u installed the wrong py version

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    add pepper21#7780 for the cheat

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    i had to dowlaod it some where els

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    i have the cheat it works for me

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    Yknow, Instead of complaining, we should really thank the developers for taking time out of their lives to create these clients and injectors. They dont have to, but they do anyway.

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    How do i open the gui?

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    when i inject ddl it says error

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    Do I have to inject it every time I start up game or what?…

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    link download dont work.. fix it please anonym.ninja not good for share your hack it drop the site

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    where is password please ?

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    UPDATED – 08.12.2021

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    it doesn’t dowload

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    where is discord?

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    this one doesn’t work for me how do i get help?

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    what ver of py do i need ?

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    whats the ver of py we need install

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    not working i already install python and Add TO PATH

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    It’s not fake and its open source

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    did every step didnt work

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