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Crab Game Mod Menu Hack | ESP, Fly, God Mode v2.11

DETECTED Crab Game Mod Menu Hack

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: muffeen#0458 & Alizer

Hello friends, Undoubtedly Crab Game has been the most popular game of recent weeks, but still Dani, the developer of this game, cannot prevent Crab Game Cheats and Hacks. Here is a new Crab Game Mod Menu Hack.

I have been using Crab Game Free Cheat for a long time and have never been banned. I recommend this Great Free Hack for Crab Game to you.

The developer of this Crab Game Mod Menu Hack consists of 3 people and we would like to thank them all. You can download the Cheat by the developers for Amoung Us from our website. Free Among Us Hack – 2021 New Mode

crab game mod menu hack

Crab Game Mod Menu Hack Features;

  • ESP Tracer
  • Speed Hack
  • God Mode
  • Fly Mode
  • No Camera Shake
  • Infinity Punch
  • Punch Aura

How to use – Crab Game Mod Menu Hack ?

  1. Download Crab Game Hack
  2. Download Injector (Suggestion: Extream injector)
  3. Open Crab Game (Make sure Crab Game is the latest version)
  4. Inject version.dll
  5. Join Developer Discord Server : Click Here
  6. Join Web site Discord Server : Click Here

Developer Note : Just put the dll in the game’s folder and it will inject it automatically as it has its own installer. Using an extreme injector can also work, but I think this way is simpler, it’s up to you.


  • I updated the link to v1.9, it has a bunch of bug fixes, including ice speed
  • if the menu won’t open download and install everything from here
  • If the cheat menu is not visible on your screen, please make sure to set your game screen settings to Full Screen Window.
    Click Here
    Click Here

Crab Game Mod Menu Tutorial Video


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  1. 138486


  1. 257422

    123 isnt the password

  2. 172023

    How to open the menu?

  3. 164187

    i need a DLL password?

  4. 142864

    anyone know if it works now?

  5. 136570

    update please

  6. 145864

    nieźle……… kłamstwo

  7. 68883

    How do i open the menu? ins dosnt work

  8. 136601

    Please update the hack

  9. 7396

    the download link is broken

  10. 138279

    what’s rlgl bot?

  11. 138935

    Not working. The game crashes after the ‘Made by Unity’ logo appears.

  12. 136601

    not working pleare fix it !

  13. 138935

    The mod menu opened automatically for the first time but the menu is not opening for the second time automatically. Is there a hotkey for the mod menu to open?

  14. 23828

    infinite jump broken?

  15. 1013

    The infinite jump just jumps too high, normal jumps would be cool

  16. 132700

    The button ESP is not working correctly. It just sits on the yellow button.

  17. 90732

    please add spawn items to this mod menu really miss spawning my ak-47 and bomb

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