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Crosshair Changer for Valorant – Set Your Own Style | Free New Project of 2023

OUTDATED Crosshair Changer for Valorant

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: weedeej

There are always people working on different things in Valorant. This can include custom hitboxes, improved crosshair visibility and more. But how do you make your aim “stick” better after a shot? The obvious answer is to modify the Crosshair Changer for Valorant itself to some way that provides heightened accuracy.

While we’ve all spent time trying to figure out which crosshair suits us best, it’s rare that we get a say in what the crosshair actually looks like while playing. That’s why I decided to send this Valorant Crosshair Changer. Change your Crosshair’s color to ANY color you want for style and/or visiblity. Share your crosshair across the ValorantCC comunity!

crosshair changer for valorant
crosshair changer for valorant

How to use Crosshair Changer for Valorant:

  • Either Open this first or Riot client it doesn’t matter.
  • Wait for the ValorantCC to login itself.
  • Select the profile you want to change color via the dropdown on top-right.
  • Change the colors.
  • Okey Now Save.
  • Restart Valorant Game if Valorant is running *(IMPORTANT)*.

  • If you experience any Issues such as not working.
  • You don’t need to keep this app running in the background. Once you saved it, It will stay there.
  • This does not change the game files nor touch Valorant’s memory related stuff. The app only uses the Client API and send it directly to Valorant Server.
  • Other players can see it too as it is saved server side.
  • For Valorant Cheats, you should check out our Free Valorant Cheats and Hacks category.

Requirement of Crosshair Changer for Valorant:

  • .NET6.0 (This comes with windows update. If you have the latest version of windows, This should be installed automatically. if not, download .NET6.0 DESKTOP RUNTIME.

Developer Note:

  • The images, endpoints and other materials used in this project are the property of Riot Games. I will not be responsible for the misuse of this project.
  • This is my first Project written in C# so please open an issue or join my Discord for suggestions.
  • I have GitHub here.

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