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CS 1.6 External ESP Cheat | Evelion Stream Proof Hack

UNDETECTED CS 1.6 External ESP Cheat

 Last Version: 17/12/2023

 Developers: Z3bra

CS 1.6 External ESP Cheat is the best and most recent hack you can get if you are looking for a stream / OBS-proof wallhack that you can use without getting caught

The CS 1.6 External ESP Cheat is a free stream proof hack, meaning that it is not visible on your stream or recording. This is because it does not modify the game files or inject any code into the game process. It only reads the game memory and draws an overlay on your screen, which is not captured by your streaming software. This way, you can use the cheat without being detected by your viewers or the game anti-cheats.

CS 1.6 External ESP Cheat Features

  • Box ESP: Shows a box around the enemies, indicating their position and distance.
  • Name ESP: Shows the name of the enemies, making it easier to identify them.


  • Simple and Clear Interface: Just like many other free cheats we offer for you, Evelion has a simple and clear interface that makes it easy to access all of the functions. Evelion offers ESP modifications that make it simple to select what you wish to utilize at the time.
  • Stream / OBS Proof: Evelion is built as another window with ImGui on top of the Counter-Strike process, allowing you to record movies or broadcast with obs while the cheat does not appear. This means you may develop content while staying on top of the scoreboard!
  • AC Bypass: Evelion can get around different anti-cheat systems. As soon as it is external, it bypasses all server-side anti-cheat measures. Wargods, Demo Checkers, SMAC, and many more are included.

cs 1.6 external esp cheat

How to Use the CS 1.6 External ESP Cheat

To use the CS 1.6 External ESP Cheat, you need to download it from here and follow the simple instructions below:

  1. Since this cheat is made for 8684 steam build, you can only use it on that version and it works only in windowed mode
  2. Extract the cheat files into a folder of your choice
  3. While CS is running, run the evelion.exe
  4. Press the INSERT key to open the menu
  5. Enjoy and have fun!

Release 1.2 Changelist:

  • Add color customization
  • Add menu rounding corners
  • Fix delay problems
  • Get windows w&h by win rect
  • Change from reading full module to reading small buffer near entitylist
  • Change matrix reading to read entire buffer and set by one call
  • Change support(loop) from 32 to 64 players
  • Add hotkey to unhook(unload) cheat
  • Separate functions to each threads
  • General opimization
  • Other logic and clean code changes…

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