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CSGO Keter Injector – New injector and Bypass Method


 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: Yatagarasu

CSGO Keter Injector  – New injector and Bypass Method

Do you need an injector for your CSGO .dll extension cheats? Here is the CSGO Keter Injector. Download the Keter injector, which has developed a special VacBypass method in it, for free from our website. Hvh, you should feel safe in your Rage CSGO Hacks. you can trust CSGO Keter Injector for this. because it has a special VACBYPASS protection. Unlike the first version of the injector, CSGO Keter Injector has a new application workaround. DLL files make a better injection into the game as they are safer to use.


How to Use CSGO Keter Injector:

  1. Create a folder with any name on your Desktop (Example: Keter ).
  2. Drag the injector and any dll cheats to this folder.
  3. Start CS:GO.
  4. Run the injector as administrator (This is an extremely important point).
  5. After a successful injection, close the injector and enjoy the cheat game.
  6. Enjoy Guys.

Errors and solutions For CSGO Keter Injector :

Error 0xc0000 (here is the error code), errors msvcp140.dll, vcruntime140.dll and others – Install Visual C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2015 x86 (x86 regardless of your Windows bit)
• The above solution did not work Help?
If the VC++ installer swears by the pre-installed newer version of VC++
Solution: VC ++ x86 Hybrid
Alternative: VC ++ x64-32 Hybrid

 Keter Injector does not start (file, device / file is damaged / cannot start on your device, contact publisher)

– Uninstall ALL antivirus and disable Windows Defender ( DefenderControl )
– Lower the injector again after completing the above point.
Join our discord server if you need support
-If you want to take a look at the MADinjector we have developed for CheaterMAD members, click here




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  1. 150893

    I close the injector and it doesnt do anything?

  2. 33813

    what is the code?

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