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Czort Phasmophobia Cheat v2.1

OUTDATED Czort Phasmophobia Cheat

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: koelion

Czort Phasmophobia Cheat will help you to have many features in the game easily. I have listed all the features below and this game will turn into a game where you will scare NPCs instead of being a horror game for you 😂.

Our website will continue to offer the most up-to-date and working Phasmophobia Cheats and Hacks for our valued members. If you wish, you can browse the other Free Phasmophobia Hack – PhasmoMenu Project working with CheatEngine developed by PappyG.

Note: Since this is a Phasmophobia Internal hack, you need to have an injector and for that, check out our Injector Category.

phasmophobia free cheat

Features Of Czort Phasmophobia Cheat:

  • Ghost
  • Player
  • Evidence
  • Light
  • Misc
  • Hotkeys

  • Esp
  • Display ghost info.
  • Appear
  • UnAppear
  • Stay visible [From v 1.8.0]
  • Hunt [From v 1.8.0]
  • Stop hunt [From v 1.8.0]
  • Interactions [From v 1.8.0]

  • Esp
  • infinity stamina
  • kill
  • revive
  • teleport
  • god mode [From v 1.8.0]
  • yoga [From v 1.8.0]
  • no clip [From v 1.8.0]
  • max reach distance [From v 1.8.0]
  • pickup items when dead [From v 1.8.0]

  • Bone esp
  • Fusebox esp
  • Curesed object esp
  • Interactions esp [From v 1.8.0]
  • reset dots timer [From v 1.8.0]
  • force respan ghost orb [From v 1.8.0]

  • Spawn light
  • Spawn light at player (will be following player)
  • Spawn light at ghost (will be following ghost)

  • Use fusebox
  • Anti kick [From v 1.8.0]
  • Auto pickup keys [From v 1.8.0]
  • Dont lose items [From v 1.8.0]

  • Toggle menu – F9/INSERT
  • Apper ghost – 1
  • UnApper ghost – 2
  • Stop hunt – 3
  • Save pos – F1
  • Tp to saved pos – F2
  • Use fusebox – 5
  • Fly controls – W/A/S/D
  • Fly controls (Fly up) – Left Shift
  • Fly controls (Fly down) – Left Control
  • Set in game to false (prevents crash when game ends) – F5
  • Unload cheat – DEL

Developer Note:

I created and submitted basic Czort Phasmophobia Cheat. I plan to add more features in the future. Please feel free to suggest what I can add. You may experience crashes at the end of the tour, I will focus on preventing this as soon as possible.

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