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Free Phasmophobia Hack | PhasmoMenu v0.2

UNDETECTED Free Phasmophobia Hack

 Last Version: 22/01/2022

 Developers: PappyG

Free Phasmophobia Hack is a simple Cheat Table made with Cheat Engine with basic functions that offer some quite good advantages in game

Free Phasmophobia Hack is among the many Cheats and Hacks for Phasmophobia that contains a great deal of features that are sure to satisfy your in game cheating needs. With the help of functions like Invinciblity and No Clip it is pretty much impossible not to have fun while using this PhasmoMenu Cheat in Phasmophobia.

And if you do not what Phasmophobia is, Phasmophobia is a survival horror game in which you play as a first-person character. The player completes a contract by working alone or in a group of up to four players to determine the sort of ghost inhabiting the specified location. Players may speak with one other via voice chat, both locally and worldwide via walkie-talkies. Speech recognition is used in Phasmophobia, allowing some items of equipment and even the ghost to hear and comprehend what players are saying.

free phasmophobia hack | phasmomenu

  • How to Use
  • Features

How to Use Free Phasmophobia Hack

  1. Download Free Phasmophobia Hack
  2. Extract the Cheat Table from the archive
  3. Download and install Cheat Engine if you haven’t already
  4. Run the cheat
  5. Enjoy!

Free Phasmophobia Hack Features

NewName (Create a multiplayer private lobby, Type a new name under
NewName PRESS ENTER then change your character model to update name.)

Player (Opens Player Window)

InfStam (Infinite Stamina)

MovementSpeed (Edit Movement Speed)

MaxReach (Very Far Reach)

ThrowStrength (Edit Throw Strength)

Invincible (Cant Die)
HOST: Despawns Ghost On Attack
NotHost: Zombie Spawns Body, Drops inventory, cant use any items,
Cant close van.

Sanity (Edit Player Sanity)

NoClip (Fly, Clips Through Map(Space for up, CTRL for down, Can only clip up and down))

LevelInfo (Opens GhostInfo And PlayerInfo Windows)

GhostInfo (Ghost Name, Ghost Type, Ghost Current Location,

PlayerInfo (Average Player Sanity, Current Room)

Fullbright (Brightens Environment Lighting (May cause fps drop if too many
lights active, or if in a large map))

SpoofID (Changes Steam ID to NoSteam)

Binds (List Of Keybinds)

TP (Teleport = To Truck, To Death Room, To Custom Position.)

Cursed (Opens CursedObjects Window)

TarotCards (Choose Next Card, and Infinite Tarot Cards)

Winrar Password: 123

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