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Escape From Tarkov KD Dropper | EFT Tool

OUTDATED Escape From Tarkov KD Dropper | EFT Tool

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: Coffee#7447

Escape From Tarkov KD Dropper is a tool that drops your KD rate. It is written in AHK and is recommended for cheaters in EFT that have high KD

After a week of cheating you realise that your KD (Kill / Death Ratio) has sky-rocketed and you have no idea what to do since high KD might be the cause of manual bans done by EFT admins and moderators. This AHK tool does just what you need and used grenades to lower your KD and make your account seem legit.

How Does Escape From Tarkov KD Dropper Work

By throwing the grenade at your feet it will give you a heavy bleed then when you run the script in the main menu it will load you into a factory raid and you will die within seconds.

DISCLAIMER: it has a timer from when the script clicks on ready for the factory raid for 5 minutes so I recommend selecting all servers [EU, NA, Asia] to help with queue length. This is my first ever release so please understand if there are problems.

How to Use Escape From Tarkov KD Dropper

  1. Download Escape From Tarkov KD Dropper from our website
  2. Download AHK from their official website [If you want to use the AHK script]
  3. Extract the KD Dropper from the RAR archive that it comes it
  4. Launch Escape from Tarkov
  5. Make sure you are full health then go into a factory and throw a grenade at your feet make sure you don’t heal after (It will not work if you are not full health before as you need a heavy bleed)
  6. Load out of the raid and go onto the main menu
  7. Once in the main menu open the script and go into tarkov and click F1 to activate
    The script your mouse should move and click the buttons for you
    Make sure you are in the main menu
  8. Enjoy!

Developer Notes

Hello this is a simple ahk script that lowers you kd
its is pretty easy to make you can change it if you want to
the advantages of this script is to lower your kd if you are cheating
as this can help you in hvh and manual bans (not 100 percent sure if this is true)
hope this can help someone

Don’t forget to join the Discord server: https://discord.gg/hhvZd9BjWt [Coffee#7447]

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