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Free Raft Cheat | Rafty Hack v1.3

OUTDATED Free Raft Cheat

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: tocomplex

Free Raft Cheat has three seperate menus including player and items hack which allows the user to gain infinite health, items and many more

Raft is a great survival game which you can play offline as well as with your friends in the multiplayer online mode. Your goal is to start with a simple and a basic raft and then build and upgrade it to turn it to an empire of your dreams!

Players wake up on a big, blue ocean, completely alone and with no shore in sight, trapped on a little raft with nothing but an old plastic hook! Survival will be difficult with a dry mouth and a hungry stomach!

Raft pits you and your buddies against the elements in an epic journey out on the broad sea, with the goal of staying alive, gathering resources, and constructing a floating house worthy of survival.

free raft cheat | rafty hack

How to Use Free Raft Cheat

  1. Download Free Raft Cheat
  2. Extract the DLL from the archive using the password 123
  3. You can use a mono injector or manually map it into Assembly-CSharp.DLL, Class name = Loader, Method = Load
  4. Enjoy and have fun

Free Raft Cheat Features

  • Inf Health
  • Inf Hunger
  • Inf Oxygen
  • Inf Thirst
  • No Fall
  • Always Healthy
  • Inf Resources
  • Learn All
  • NoClip

Free Raft Cheat Developer Notes

Now should work in multiplayer thanks to v1ce21 testing.

1.3 : Updated to game changes.
1.2 : Added No fall damage, Always Healthy, Inf Resources, Learn All, NoClip, Item spawner search.
Fixed formatting for text in both item spawner and achievements.
1.1 : Fix cheat not loading in multiplayer and added an achievement unlocker.


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