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Free Crab Game OctopusGod Cheat v1.0

DETECTED Free Crab Game OctopusGod Cheat

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: JfHACKER251

Free Crab Game OctopusGod Cheat a.k.a OctopusGod Hack for Crab Game is probably one of the best Cheats and Hacks that you can find for Crab Game.

This particular Free Crab Game OctopusGod Cheat includes many great hack features that will make it like a thousand times easier for you to simply just run around and win the games for free without any effort whatsovever. But make sure that you follow the instructions below as it isn’t as simple as just injecting it into the game.

Now if you have been using cheats or hacking in Crab Game for a while, or since it came out (because it is a fairly new game), you might have noticed that most of the cheats that are developed for it, are usually DLL files that are not possible to inject with your usual DLL injectors such as Extreme Injector.

2 7 screenshot

That is because this game is made with the most popular game engine on the planet, Unity 3D. What this means is that making a cheat for these particular Unity games are way easier when it is made using the Unity game’s game files itself. By using them, you can easily find the class which your hack is supposed to inject and just compile it into a menu using Unity’s API itself.

If you are actually interested in developing or coding these kinds of Unity game hacks like Crab Game, you can find many tutorials for exactly that just by searching and googling how to make a cheat for a Unity game.

How to Use Free Crab Game OctopusGod Cheat

So, as I mentined in the paragraph above, you cannot use a regular injector in order to inject this Free Crab Game OctopusGod Cheat into the game. There are a couple of steps for to make it work:

  1. First, uninstall MelonLoader (if you have already installed) and uninstall & reinstall Crab Game as well
  2. Follow our BepInEx tutorial and get the files ready in the Crab Game’s root directory (Except the cheat DLL file itself, because we’ll copy paste that later)
  3. After you have reinstalled the game itself, launch it and either create a lobby or join one yourself
  4. Close the game
  5. Drag and drop the OctopusFree.dll inside the BapInEx/plugins which is located in
    your game’s root folder.
  6. Now you can finally opent Crab Game via Steam and have fun!

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