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Titanium Crab Game Cheat Menu External V1.0

DETECTED featured

 Last Version: 07/12/2021

 Developers: terminatorT8000

Another new hack for the Crab game? Titanium Crab Game Cheat Menu External is a very easy hack to use. Just download the cheat and start it as administrator. I can say this is the free and only working hack for Crab game and I’ve been using it for days and it’s still undetected. Even if it does not have many features, it still has features that will satisfy us cheat users.I made this cheat using AHK have fun but it is a simple cheat that isn’t best. it does a few things. but most important. It will never be outdated. and it has GUI.
titanium crab game cheat menu external

Features of Titanium Crab Game Cheat Menu External Features

  • Bunnyhop
  • Afk
  • Jump – jumps without pressing anything
  • Fast stop(Beta) – Works only when running straight forward.

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Crab Game Cheat Menu Key Binds:

  1. F and Shift – fast stop
  2. Holding spacebar – bunnyhop
  3. F9 – open/close Gui
  4. F10 – afk jump
  5. F11 – Exit

Winrar Password: 123

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