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Unity NeoInjector v1.1 | Injector for Cheat Trainer DLLs


 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: wh0am15533

Unity NeoInjector is an injector mostly used to inject Cheat Trainer DLLs into Unity 3D engine based games that require Namescape, Class, Method

As you might you unfortunately cannot use normal and regular injectors to inject cheat trainer DLLs into Unity games. In order to use such hacks you have to either use an injector like this or SharpMonoInjector or non-exe injectors lie BepInEx or Doorstop.

About Unity NeoInjector

Unity NeoInjector – An Alternative to process hooking or detours

Doesn’t use any process hooking, thread hijacking or detours, etc to inject Unity Mod. It abuses Unity’s Resource system to have Unity itself load and launch the Mod/Trainer.

If the game is IL2Cpp and if your Mod/Trainer is Native the injector treats it as Unity Native Plugin and Unity will load it automatically. It only has to be ‘injected’ once when installing your Mod/Trainer. After that just run the game and it will alway’s load your Mod. If the game updates then you would need to run it again.

unity neoinjector | injector for cheat trainer dlls

One thing to note is that Unity will load your Mod VERY eary, so in your Mod I would insert a delay before using any Unity functions. Fully compatible with IL2CppInspector’s scaffold projects. Doesn’t support BepInEx/MelonLoader since there isn’t any Event support yet in IL2Cpp-UnHollower. Beside’s if your using one them you should confirm your Mod to them and use it to load your Mod. Kinda redundant.

For Mono I added a proxy launcher, that only needs to be run once or on game update, to launch to your Mod in order to add a injector feature set like load delay, execute with argument’s, console, logging, etc. The way it works with Mono is that the injector will inject the proxy loader for your Mod and writes a config file for you to configure launch options, it’s also a safety feature so user’s don’t muck up their game.

You can also load different Mod by changing the path to Mod. Plans include the ability to launch several mods, and more. After install the should be a NeoConfig.cfg file the game’s root directory, edit to your liking.

Example Usage of Unity NeoInjector

Mono: NeoInjector install/remove “fullpath_of_MyMod.dll” modnamespace modclassname modmethodname “fullpath_to_game_data_folder”

NeoInjector install “C:\Games\SomeGame\Trainer.dll” “MyTrainer” “AssemblyLoader” “Load” “C:\Games\SomeGame\SomeGame_Data”

IL2Cpp: NeoInjector install/remove “fullpath_of_MyMod.dll” “” “” “” “fullpath_to_game_data_folder”

NeoInjector install “C:\Games\Orcs Civil War\IL2CppDLL.dll” “” “” “” “C:\Games\Orcs Civil War\Orc’s Civil War_Data”

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