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Free Rust Hack GUI, ESP, Silent Aim, No Recoil | CookieRust for 217 DevBlog


 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: rapidfire

Free Rust Hack GUI are really hard to find, but that’s why the website Cheatermad.com was created. We search forum sites or file sharing communities in different languages of different countries for you and we share free game cheats and hacks for you in English, a global language.

This Free Rust Hack GUI was discovered in the Russia cheat community and contacted its developer and asked if he would like to share this Free Rust Hack with our valued members on our website. Of course the Developer accepted this and don’t forget to leave a thank you message to the Developer for this awesome free Rust hack in the comments.

Our website Cheatermad.com offers you the opportunity to download the best Free Rust Cheats and Hacks for all rust versions. However, you are only allowed to use Free Rust Cheat in this post for the free (Cr4ck) version of pass and is completely undetected.

free rust hack gui

This Free Rust Hack GUI Has Features From Visuals To Combat.

The Main Including The Following:

  • No Recoil
  • No Spread
  • Instant Eoka
  • Fast Bullet
  • Silent Aim
  • ESP (Players, Sleepers, NPCs, Ores, Stashes, Corpses, Traps, Hemp,Vehicles)
  • Always Heli Weakspot
  • Fast Loot
  • Farm Assist
  • Walk On Water


  1. Download NanoHack
  2. Run Cr4cked Rust (Recommended latest version)
  3. Load Into The Server
  4. Inject It With An Injector Of Your Choice (I Use Extreme Injector – Download Click Here)
  5. Enjoy The Cheats
  6. Reset Game After Disconnecting From A Server

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Comments (61)

Popular Comments
  1. 385928

    why do these retarded files have http error 403 goddamn fix this dogshhhh

  2. 96967

    can u shake the fcking screen more on the video XD (Just browsing i don’t cheat inn rust i was just checking but jsus fcking christ )

  3. 218544

    After I load into a server on rust cracked it and inject with extreme injector it opens cmd and nothing else. What rust cracked should I get I use rusticaland.

  4. 201885

    guys i get ban from rust for no resoen how can help meee

  5. 199998

    it just opens cmd and nothing else happens

  6. 31242

    When I inject it pops up a cmd that does nothing.

  7. 191523

    every time i click download it leads me to download file.zip 5 mb
    why i cant download the cheat

  8. 188400

    does this only work with the cracked rust version

  9. 190720

    What, I’m so confused
    This cheat got uploaded today but the comments were from 9 – 10 months ago saying that this cheat is outdated and not working anymore wtf?

  10. 96765


  11. 148061

    the game crashes after inject the, unityplayer.dll gets activated and closes the game, any help?

  12. 150650

    Help me, ” an error while injecting” null error

  13. 145311

    Works perfectly but need to be Updated

  14. 146919

    It says i need some kernel32 can you help?

  15. 141550

    what menu to open ? and can i use on steam rust too ??

  16. 96765

    If You Need Help Join The Discord Or DM Me Personally
    Discord: DeltxS.#9117

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