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Free Skinchanger for CSGO | Skins, Knifes, Gloves

OUTDATED Free Skinchanger for CSGO

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: CSHacked.pl Team

Free Skinchanger for CSGO, your CSGO game weapons, knives and gloves. This free Skinchanger will offer you many csgo equipment patterns that will make you feel happy and all the skins you want to see on your weapon are now available. CSGO asks you to buy keys to open a box, but no one wants to shop for cheating accounts, or you have a publisher community and you may need to make yourself rich by showing your members weapon patterns (I’m not judging that).

Maybe you want to use CSGO Skinchanger cheat just to troll your friends. For whatever purpose, this free csgo skinchanger hack is of quality that will delight you. I saw this on the Cshacked forum site and wanted to share. I’m happy to see so many free and undetected csgo cheats and hacks on Cheatermad.

free skinchanger for csgo

Functions – Free Skinchanger for CSGO

  • Skin / knife changer
  • Seed
  • StatTrak
  • Wear
  • Paint Kit
  • Glove changer
  • Use

How to use Free Skinchanger for CSGO

  1. Download the attachment
  2. Turn on Steam and then CS: GO
  3. Inject the cshSkins.dll file into the csgo.exe process with any Injector
  4. You can find the injector in the Tools section
  5. The Insert button opens the menu
  6. Last change

Changelog: The categories “Skins” / “Models” are divided into “Weapons” / “Knives” / “Gloves”



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    only we can see skins? Can other competitors see it?


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