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Free Valorant Cheat and Spoofer | UPDATE [2021]

OUTDATED Free Valorant Cheat and Spoofer

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: ReverseSeal

Free Valorant Cheat and Spoofer is offered to you for free. In this Valorant Free cheat, the functions are focused only on Valorant aimbot and Valorant triggerbot. Another free hack for Valorant. A free spoofer that comes in the cheat folder is waiting for you. if you are banned from valorant you can use Spoofer.

Please follow the instructions to start this valorant hack. Note that this Valorant hack was published by a russian developer. Stay tuned for more Free Valorant Cheats and hacks.

How to use Free Valorant Cheat and Spoofer

  1. Download Free Valorant Cheat and Spoofer
  2. Run ReverseSeal.exe in Spoofer Folder as administrator.
  3. Start Valorant game (because it will be deleted from you)
  4. Run ReverseSeal2.exe in Cheat folder as administrator.
  5. Restart if the loader asks to login with a password
  6. Join Discord Server : https://dsc.gg/joinn

Info: Use the scam ONLY after it has been banned + If (Font) menu is wrong, change language in settings

Features of Free Valorant Cheat and Spoofer

free valorant cheat and spoofer


1) Drop 2 files valo22-9-2021.exe and ReverseSeal2.exe into one folder
2) Run ReverseSeal2.exe as administrator
3) If you write Start VALO then you did everything right
3.2) If Uuser writes: then restart the program until Start VALO
If you are banned then I am not to blame

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Comments (40)

Popular Comments
  1. 34999

    video tutorial?

  1. 140348

    pls update the link mega removed all the hacks

  2. 119764

    How do I spoof, cuz im already banned

  3. 97455

    Why cant people understand that cracks arent undetected

  4. 27255

    Bruh doesnt work anymore

  5. 107105

    no one use this shit = ban

  6. 80734

    i use yesterday 1 match and now got bann, my bad for this but u guys keep lying bout UNDETECTED

  7. 99749


  8. 74048

    only spoofer now work. Cheat don’t

  9. 74048

    update please

  10. 104713

    Running this turns the game off.
    1.Is the resolution 1360×768 not available?
    2. Should the color be purple?
    3. I am using full screen screen

  11. 106586

    now it no longer works

  12. 91300

    why my esp and aimbot not working

  13. 40197

    wtf bro he delete valoran why why why why why why why why why >:

  14. 40197

    wtf bro he delete valoran

  15. 80734

    ok i can use the cheat 1 match it works good, but then after one match the game ask for update now cheat us OUTDATE . and idk what does the spoofer do actually i mean idk its work or not.

    pls update the C now

  16. 99279

    Nothing happens after “PID Found” doesn’t work

  17. 80734

    yo what the hell is happening? it just delet the game then what?
    i mean, i relocate the game folder and it ask for restart so if i restart my pc is that mean i need to re do all from 1 again?

  18. 101309

    Game Crashes Detected already ?

  19. 106215

    Injeta e aparece a UI mais não funciona nada :/

  20. 106111

    when I enter a game the game crashes me, any solution?

  21. 106241

    all the time i open its delete my game

  22. 91300

    make a video tutorial plz sir

  23. 34999

    video tutorial?

  24. 98792

    what username and password

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