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Free Valorant Macro 2021 (BLOODY – X7)

OUTDATED Free Valorant Macro

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: Vip-Filer#9733

With the Free Valorant Macro you can prevent your weapons from recoil, I don’t think it will work for the Snipper, but it works pretty well for all other weapons. Here is a Free Valorant Macro for the from Vip-Filer, which was previously private, but the author decided to merge it into the public. For a macro, you are unlikely to be banned, but that would not ban me later, I put use at own risk. The valorant macro works on all mice and finally give a fuuck. What can he do – to extinguish the recoil. Stay tuned for free valorant cheats and hacks.


What we do to play with this Free Valorant Macro:

  1. Download Free Valorant Macro
  2. We transfer daddy volorant to the slave table with a password: 123
  3. Open Free Valorant Macro.exe
  4. Click macros file. As a result, you will get the macro file itself
  5. Instructions for running a macro using the how to use button.
  6. Enjoy


What to do after downloading the Free Valorant Macro

You need a bloody mouse, then download the bloody v7 app for it (well or just bloody7) After downloading and installing the Bloody program, launch it. Then follow the instructions:

  1.  Go to the Oscar Macro II tab
  2. Go to the File / Outside tab / We Are looking for the location of your files (MACROS)
  3. Select all the required macros and click on the (GREEN) arrow
  4. After you have transferred all the macros you need, click Exit
  5. 1-2 go in turn to the HEADSHOT tab
  6. Select a macro (one macro at a time)
  7. Click BACK
  8. Rename the macro
  9. Select the macro that you placed in the folder and select the activation key on the mause for it.
  10. Select the activation key on the mouse for it.
  11. Click APPLE
  12. The Macro is installed!
  13. Enjoy

Developer Discord : https://discord.com/invite/Rwj9C9xVFx


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Comments (4)

  1. 80734

    u dont need this, it just give u a macro lib called ValorantSniper which is already spread alot on internet, i have better one including phantom and vandal, not just a fkin usless sniper macro like this shit lmao

  2. 37632

    sad cant use macro II on my bloody 7 coz my trial days expired long time ago with my current bloody mouse u must purchase ultra-core 3/4 to use it permanently.

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