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GTA 5 Casino Hack AFK Script | For GTA V Online 1.61

OUTDATED GTA 5 Casino Hack

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: IamNekoGirl

If you are playing gta 5 game online, go to big casino and gamble and get rich. Thanks to AFK Script, GTA 5 Casino Hack is an UNDETECTED Gta V hack that will help you a lot at this point. Note that you should only use this free GTA 5 Casino Hack on GTA V Epic Games and Rockstar version.

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How to use GTA 5 Casino Hack

  1. Join Solo session. (For safety purposes so you wont be seen)
  2. Start Kiddion Menu and GTAHaxUI v3.6 (Use the GTAHaX version UI v3.6, it WON’T work without the specified version. Download: https://www.unknowncheats.me/forum/d…=file&id=35715)
  3. Go to the Casino and enter it.
  4. In Kiddion go to Online Services > Casino Options > Rig slot machines. (This will rig the machines so you will hit the Jackpot everytime)
  5. In GTAHaxUI, enter this string into the Stat Editor: $MPPLY_CASINO_CHIPS_WON_GD and under that enter the value of 0
    (For use without the script, just hit “CHANGE STAT” and you’re good to go. Mind that you need to change this stat every time you spin)
  6. Now find the Diamond Miner or the Deity of the Sun slot machine and sit in it.
  7. Bet max with TAB
  8. Just open the EXE and follow instructions.

Please don’t go crazy with this. Going over 200 Million in one sitting is very risky. Generally just give yourself money that you can actually spend, you can always come back and get more, can’t you?

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  1. 34804

    the max bet is 500

  2. 121880

    5. picture does not work

    Table works normally
    Bet shows ->????????????????

    not working for me

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