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Helldivers 2 Free Hack | Havoc Hub Cheat Menu

UNDETECTED Helldivers 2 Free Hack

 Last Version: 17/04/2024

 Developers: Eddie8

The Helldivers 2 Free Hack offers a unique vantage point over the very intense gameplay of the one of the most popular shooter game at the moment, the sequel to its first game, Helldivers 2. With the help of the absolutely amazing hacking features of this mod menu, you not just be more engaged with the gameplay but also will double your enjoyment in the game as well since features such as no recoil, infinite ammo, fly hack, speed hack make the game extremely easy to play.

And before getting this Helldivers 2 Free Hack, if you have not heard of the game Helldivers 2 before, it’s a recent top-down shooter game that has been quite popular among gamers since its release in February 2024 on multiple platforms. Thanks to its very fun and exciting mechanics, combat and polished controls and graphics, it is not just a another forgettable shooter game that you will forget.

But as fun as the game is, it is obviously challanging to a certain degree as many players such as yourself find the solution in free cheats and hacks for Helldivers 2 such as this Helldivers 2 Free Hack that offer many game-breaking features to enhance every little aspect of the game which esentially make you a better player without having any negative effect on other players.

What Can You Do With the Helldivers 2 Free Hack

For instance, the Helldivers 2 Free Hack can expand your arsenal of weapons and equipment by allowing you to create a personalized loadout that works using the GUI of the hack. As you have the role of a fighting soldier for the game’s intergalactic peacekeeping force, you gotta make sure that you do not lack any sort of resources and arms that may be the hindrance to the victory that you are pretty much guaranteed to get with this help of this hack.

Additionally, the Helldivers 2 Free Hack also unveils different mechanisms for tackling complicated game objectives. It affects how you perceive the game, respond to the situations, and plot the team’s game-winning course of action. While achieving a gripping balance of strategic planning and adrenaline-fueled action, it ensures that the game’s inherent challenge remains intact.

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How to Use the Helldivers 2 Free Hack

  1. Download the Helldivers 2 Free Hack from our website
  2. Extract the .zip file into a folder folder and open Helldivers 2 Havoc Hub v1.0.4.exe
  3. Select the helldivers2.exe from your Steam directory (Can find by browsing local files in steam)
  4. Click “start game”
  5. Press INS (Insert) on your keyboard to toggle the menu or the Windows key to manually select it
  6. That’s it! Enjoy the cheat

And if you are confused with the steps, here is a quick instructional video (don’t mind the themida stuff it has been removed from the build that you will be using): https://youtu.be/klfwPYxp2Io


  • I recommend playing in Windowed Borderless as it will allow you to easily toggle the menu. If you play on full screen, it will minimize the entire game whenever you open the menu which is annoying. I made the switch to Windowed Borderless and didn’t notice any decrease in graphics quality or FPS, of course individual systems may differ.
  • The following features can only be turned on and not off: Speedhack, x5 samples, legit ammo, legit grenades, legit syringes, instant railgun
  • Be aware that speedhack also affects some enemies (only if you are host)
  • You must load weapon stats before you can change them
  • Using Inf Ammo, Grenades, and Syringes at the same time as their legit counterparts may cause crashes
  • dx11 NOT required
  • Windows 10 & 11 only
  • Make sure you do not have dxgi.dll already in your game directory before opening
  • Cheat must be in the same directory as the _internal folder it came with and on the same hard drive as helldivers 2
  • You may use other cheats along with this menu as long as they do not use dxgi.dll

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  1. 305248

    new update 17/04/24 can not use any other cheat but. Weapon damage hacks can be used.

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