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League of Legends Free Hanbot Script v14.8 | LoL Best Script Hack

USE AT OWN RISK League of Legends Free Hanbot Script

 Last Version: 18/04/2024

 Developers: Hanbot Never Die

League of Legends Free Hanbot Script is possibly the most known script in the League scripting community, featuring support for almost every single champion!

If you’re a fan of League of Legends, you probably know how competitive and challenging this game can be. You need to master your champion, coordinate with your team, and outsmart your enemies in order to win. But what if there was a way to make your gameplay easier and more fun? What if you could use a hack that gives you an edge over your opponents and helps you climb the ranks faster? That’s exactly what the League of Legends Free Hanbot Script can do for you.

What is the League of Legends Free Hanbot Script?

The League of Legends free Hanbot script is an internal scripting platform that can automate various aspects of the game for you. It can perform actions such as:

  • Combo: Execute the optimal sequence of abilities and items for your champion
  • Orbwalk: Move and attack with perfect timing and accuracy
  • Evade: Dodge enemy skillshots and crowd control effects
  • Farm: Last-hit minions and monsters efficiently
  • Harass: Poke and pressure your lane opponent
  • Ward: Place vision wards in strategic locations
  • Objective: Secure objectives such as dragons, barons, and towers

The script supports over 140 champions and multiple game modes, including Summoner’s Rift, ARAM, and Teamfight Tactics. This free cheat also has a user-friendly interface that allows you to customize the settings and preferences for each champion and mode.

How Does the League of Legends Free Hanbot Script Work?

The League of Legends free Hanbot script works by injecting code into the game client and modifying its behavior. It uses advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to analyze the game state and make decisions for you.

The script does not interfere with the game server or send any suspicious packets, so it’s partially undetected by Riot’s anti-cheat system. However, you should still use it with caution and moderation, as abusing it may result in reports from other players or a ban from the game.

league of legends free hanbot script

Why Should You Try the League of Legends Free Hanbot Script?

The League of Legends free Hanbot script can offer you many benefits, such as:

  • Saving time and effort: You don’t have to spend hours practicing and learning new champions or strategies. You can just let the script do the work for you and enjoy the game.
  • Improving your performance: You can improve your skills, mechanics, and knowledge of the game by observing how the script plays. You can also learn from your mistakes and correct them in future matches.
  • Having fun: You can have more fun playing League of Legends by experimenting with different champions and modes, or by dominating your opponents with ease.

Of course, using the script does not guarantee that you will win every match or rank up quickly. You still need to have a basic understanding of the game and cooperate with your team.

How to Use the League of Legends Free Hanbot Script

The usage of this amazing free League of Legends script is incredibly simple and does not require any complicated modifications done to your device!

  1. After clickining the download button from below the download of the script should start
  2. Once it is downloaded, extract the the files into any directoy of your choice
  3. Run League with the DX11 mode enabled in the client settings
  4. Run “start.bat” after the game has started
  5. Enjoy and have fun!

league of legends free hanbot script


The best part is that the League of Legends Free Hanbot Script is completely free to use. You don’t need to pay anything or register anywhere else to get it. You just need to download it from below and follow the instructions to install it. It’s that simple.

The League of Legends Free Hanbot Script is compatible with the latest version of LoL and supports all regions and servers. It also has a user-friendly interface and a comprehensive guide that will help you get started.

The League of Legends Free Hanbot Script is a game-changing hack for LoL players who want to improve their skills, have more fun, and dominate their matches. It’s easy to use, safe, and effective. If you’re looking for a way to spice up your LoL experience, you should definitely give it a try.


  • Orbwalker: Fix damage calculation for TwistedFate.
  • Orbwalker: Add AA reset for TwistedFateW / TitanicHydra.
  • Evade3: Now evade will be enabled by default when recalling.
  • Awareness: Fix ally spell CD tracker.
  • Awareness: Add surrender vote tracker.
  • Gagong Xerath: Fix menu bugs.

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Popular Comments
  1. 120095

    Will there be any updates to this for the current patch 13.17 ? Thank you in advance for all the hard work

  1. 565082

    can someone teach me how to install/start it usually. it crashes the game when i start it
    Thx in regards Discord: metehan7560

  2. 440611

    For Bypass and updated Hanbot, Discord: removed by admin

  3. 396815

    update pls and put bypass for not play 5 games and get ban plssss like guys

  4. 483796

    Back then, hanbot was a great choice, but now since riot updated the anti-cheat system, maybe since that bans wave, I’ve been banned continuously, so far I can say Hanbot is still a great choice but if you don’t know anything about “acting”, you will ” gone for ever 🤣” immediately, maybe you can only live 3 to 5 matches at most, I think 🙄

  5. 552697

    when i run it said “An error is occured when trying to allocate memory in the target process.”
    man! what can i do

  6. 498893

    the Loader is still on the 08.02 version pls update cuz it says version expired with todays version still and doesnt work.

  7. 99966

    ele fica saindo da partida a cada 5 ou 10 minutos

  8. 439143

    What i need to OFF?(Awarnes,orbwalker and evade is turned off) bcs i playing about 10 games got banned

  9. 488505

    version expired please download new version

  10. 439143

    Version expired, please download new version. When update?

  11. 89151

    when I try to inject “Loader RIOT”, after clicking the ok button in the start window, this window pops up: ERROR #1, where it says: Load driver failed. does anyone know how to fix it?

  12. 506029

    The script does work, the only bad thing is that riot bans the accounts very quickly with only 2 games played, in normals and rankeds it is the same, it works for any champion, I would like them to improve so that they do not ban your account so quickly and therefore At least they let you play and have fun for a while, if it were less detectable it would be a 100% downloadable script for me.

  13. 89151

    after I inject the script, the menu won’t open and it can’t

  14. 509051

    where is the update bro its keep crashing

  15. 511844

    hey, the script works in practice tool and custom vs bots. but as soon as i inject in ranked it crashes, ‘failed to alloc (some number here MB) reload core.dll asap’ i cant make it to work in ranked.

  16. 99966

    estou usando a 3 dias e nao tomei ban, muito obrigado : )

  17. 501648

    Process opened successfully.
    An error is occured when trying to allocate memory in the target process.

  18. 499310

    why im getting banned after using the script ? last patch didnt like this please make the script undetected again

  19. 187043

    There has been an update again
    I didn’t test

  20. 187043

    again updated the game 😀
    but i dont tested

  21. 502337

    I can’t download the archive. I click on the button, wait 30 seconds, then click on the button again, then the file is checked for viruses, after that another download button becomes available and clicking on it just opens the Google website. Can’t you just click on the button and download???

  22. 498794

    i only have dx9 on my league. how can i run it on dx9?

  23. 498119

    It didn’t work sadly, i did everything asked and yet when i run the cheat either it gives me an error or it doesn’t work at all.

  24. 497373

    “An error is occurred when trying to find the target process.”

  25. 495835

    I just downloaded everything but it gives me the error “An error is occurred when trying to find the target process.”. How can I solve it?

  26. 130787

    Cheat is Fully Functional for Patch 13.18 (tested by me)

  27. 486180

    An error occurs when I enter a game after injection. It’s most likely because it hasn’t been upgraded to the new patch. If so, I hope you fix it soon

  28. 287079

    I run it and it gives me the error that the specified path cannot be found.

  29. 172428

    how can i fix
    1. confirm network connection
    2. check computer clock

  30. 488675

    got banned right after a BOT match so yeah its not working and ive got proof

  31. 488374

    i get vcruntime140.dll error how to fix

  32. 218428

    I enter it but no menu opens with dirext 11 within the game

  33. 120095

    Will there be any updates to this for the current patch 13.17 ? Thank you in advance for all the hard work

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