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New World Fishing Bot – Free Hacks for New World 2021

UNDETECTED New World Fishing Bot - Free Hacks for New World 2021

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: Scriptkiddy1337

New World Fishing Bot – Free Hacks for New World

New World Fishing Bot is a Cheat Tool which is free to download that automatically fishes, repairs your rod and lets you stay AFK whilst

New World is a very new game released on September 28, 2021 on Steam. It is an massively multiplayer online role playing game has been developed by one of the biggest companies in the world, Amazon. And since it is made by such a big company, it is very natural that you might have big expectations from this game like we do.

The game is all about building up factions, forts, and settlements and carving your own little paradise on an island that wants nothing more than to throw you back into the sea. And while trying to building up these factions, fishing plays and immensly important role as you can gain many materials and resources by fishing. But there is an issue, fishing can be exhausting if you planning on farming for a long time. That’s where we got you covered, with this very useful New World Fishing Bot, you do not even have to be on your PC to fish in New World. Just adjust the settings, and let yourself relax!

About New World Fishing Bot Features

fishingworld 1

  • First Tension – Milliseconds for holding left mouse button after a fish bites
  • Hold Tension – Milliseconds for holding left mouse button after the first time (every second reel in, is only the half of it)
  • Tension Sleep – Milliseconds for not holding left mouse button while reeling in
  • Anti AFK Time – Milliseconds when the script moves the character a bit (default 5 mins)
  • Repair Time – Milliseconds when the script repairs your pole (default 15 mins)

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How to Use New World Fishing Bot

Although it is not completely easy to download, install, setup and use this Hack for New World but if you just follow these steps that I have prepared for you, you will see that is in fact not that complicated.

  1. First of all, you have to download the New World Fishing Bot itself. So, go ahead scroll down and start the downloading process
  2. After the download process has been finished by your browser, you will notice that the tool is in a rar archive, compressed. Go ahead and extract the files in it using an archive extractor of your choice (e.g. WINRAR, 7zip)
  3. Now that you are ready to run the hack, start New World first.
  4. When you are in New World, position yourself and the camera before water with a fishing pole which survives until the first repair round (default 15 mins)
  5. Change the settings of the New World Fishing Bot to whatever you want and press execute to start it.
  6. Now just relax and enjoy whatever you want to do while you are AFK!


P.S.: Don’t touch the mouse or keyboard, it will get by itself into Fishing Mode. The Window have no effect anymore, it’s only there to write in the Statusbar what he’s actually doing and that you can better stop the application by closing it.
Keep in mind, Pixel Search is very slow, so if you want that he fish in an Hotspot you have to plance the camera so, that the Circle appears most top possible, so that it could be found fast enough, because the bites on a Hotspots are may faster than the Searching Method

Developer Notes

Hey Guys,
I come with a Low Budget Version of a New World Fishing Bot for you written in AutoHotKeys 1.1 former AHK_L

It was never intended to be working, neither was my plan to write a Bot for it, but I was really pissed that I get constantly kicked for legit fishing and I thought “Well, let’s see what it takes to detect the Circle” and it turned out, that you can actually get something to work with only 2 PixelSearches, 5 Position Pixel checks and alot of Thread Sleeps.

It’s not efficient and not 100% accurate, it only works in Fullscreen, default Visual Settings and 1920×1080

new world beta fishing bug

If you change any value in any field, it will create a Low Budget Config after you executed it.
To restore Default values, delete this file and restart the Application.
To stop the Script, you can spam F5 and hope he will notice it once, or you use the more efficient Low Budget Method and just close the Application Window

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