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Osu Ainu cheat client

OUTDATED Osu Ainu cheat client

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: Ainu

This is Osu Ainu cheat client! client that has a couple of cheats built in to it.
It’s currently undetected but I can’t guarantee it will stay that way in the future. You are putting your account in risk by using this cheat client, I’m not responsible for anything that may happen to it.
It’s very easy to be blatant with these hacks. Don’t forget that all of your replays are public and people can suspect you and report you anytime, so try to play legit as possible.

If you need support join our discord server (Click Here)

How to install Osu Ainu cheat client ?

1) Download the ainu-cheat.zip file
2) Extract it anywhere you like
3) Now you can either run ainu-cheat.exe directly or uninstall osu! completely and then run ainu.cheat.exe
If you chose to run it directly, it will override some of your original osu! files and open itself. But you will have to run ainu-cheat.exe everytime in order to use the modified client. Running osu! will open the normal client.
If you uninstall osu! and run ainu-cheat.exe, it will do a complete install and when you open osu! itself next time, it will run the modified client automatically.
4) Run ainu-cheat.exe or osu! depending on how you installed it
5) Go into settings and you should see a paw icon like this on the left side ainu cheat wvuo4n2oqp(If you don’t see it, you probably didn’t install the client properly, go back to step 3)
6) Click on the paw and there is the cheat section
7) Have fun and don’t get caught!

– osu!direct
– Perfect ReplayCopy
– Timewarp
– Normal AR for EZ
– Fake Hidden
– Fake Flashlight
– AR Changer
– Disable Score Submission
– Prefer “original” osu! Discord RPC (Ainu client has its own RPC)
– Nameprotect (Changes your name locally for the client and for the RPC)
– Custom Rank (Same thing but for your rank)
– Relax
– Save Me
– Multiaccount Mode
– Spoof MAC Adress
– Spoof Disk Signature
– Spoof Uninstall ID

osu!direct panel
ainu cheat cy6bkqi4y9

Cheat features
ainu cheat w7ffpunvf1 1ainu cheat iq0c1wgcl9 1ainu cheat trcbk4uxuo 1ainu cheat sox0nljpkb 1

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Comments (45)

Popular Comments
  1. 40558

    How do i open the cheat, it keeps crashing right after i open it

  1. 55658

    To everyone asking for an update let me clarify something since im friends with the AINU developers
    1. This is a LEAKED copy of the private cheat
    2. The public cheat is designed for servers like KAWATA
    3. The devs have ABANDONED this client
    4. There will not be any updates
    5. This client is not able to connect to official servers anymore due to being outdated

  2. 164275

    whats the password?

  3. 115203

    how to get password?

  4. 97455

    Oi this cheat is 4 years old what are you guys doing?

  5. 13998

    hello “pro players” you can use osu!buddy (better cheat)

  6. 58113

    please update

  7. 60815


  8. 40558

    How do i open the cheat, it keeps crashing right after i open it

  9. 41772

    what do i do when everytime i go into a game it says “new guard page for the stack cannot be created”

  10. 15237

    umm sorry its DETECTED

  11. 19244

    Don’t forget to join our Discord server 🙂

  12. 24555

    help me plss it say osu! has stop working i try it many times it doesnt work

  13. 4321

    Another Report from me: Playing with Relax and Save Me if you play a map and get near 99% of accuracy you will get banned (i tried many maps with low Star and get banned aswell). I think inst the accuracy but the relax mode itself is detected

    • 19244

      I think you’re either HWID / IP banned or you got restricted for multi accounting. You’re the only one who has reported a ban and I’ve been using the client for over a week now and nothing has happened. But we’ll be looking out for more reports but I don’t think client’s detected at the moment.

  14. 4321

    perfect replaybot is detected asfuck

  15. 23828

    im confused on how it works and need a lil help <3

  16. 15237

    thanks you are best

  17. 16998

    legit cheat
    love you

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