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osu! Megumi Free Hack Menu | Osu Hack Download

OUTDATED featured

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: kat, eee (polish guy), Cherry

osu! Megumi Free Hack Menu, A recently self-leaked Osu Hack . I found this trick sitting on my HDD and decided to post it here as I wanted to share it with you all :). You can this free Osu Hack Download from here, I added a virus total link at the end of the article and you can check it.

megumi free hack menu

Features that are implemented for Megumi Free Hack Menu:

  1. Aim Assist: Assists your aim by teleporting the cursor if you are near the circle and teleporting it back to its place.
  2. Timewarp: Slows down the game
  3. HD and FL Remover: Makes the HD and FL effects turn off without turning off the mod itself
  4. AR and OD Changer: Changes the value of the AR and OD
  5. Replay Bot: Makes the bot mimic the replay of that player by giving the bot the .osz file

Features that are not implemented:

  • Relax hack
  • Aim Assist
  • Difficulty changer (AR, OD)
  • Replay player

How to use Megumi Free Hack Menu

  1. Download Megumi
  2. Open osu!
  3. Inject the dll file to osu!.exe
  4. Press ok when a popup showed thanks to the megumi team.
  5. Press HOME button
  6. Profit

A little bit of the history of Megumi:

Back then Megumi is one of the best hack except AQN. They thought that this will be the 2nd AQN of osu!. Then they got bored with it so they decided to quit the project.

Dont go blatant and snipe mrekk’s HDDT United. You will get banned

VT : Click Here

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  1. 155731

    as of now its still undetectable. idk why peppy did not still patched it

  1. 169978

    I personally don’t recommend it. I have tons of problems with it, for example I can’t even inject without it crashing my game. No shade to the dev, but the cheat sucks.

  2. 155731

    i am back from the dead and as i said last time i might make an post about osu!auth bypass. well… not anymore, cuz it got patched out by peppy and the hack is still undetectable al one of the contributor said

  3. 142483

    Uhm…. why i often get crash game ? i just use HD FL remover

  4. 155731

    Thanks for approving, I really appreciate it 🙂

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