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osu Enlighten Hack (HD + FL Remover and AR Changer) 2021

UNDETECTED osu Enlighten Hack (HD +FL Remover and AR Changer)

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: AQN (released by YouLikeMyAim)

osu Enlighten Hack (HD + FL Remover and AR Changer)

What is osu Enlighten Hack?

– osu Enlighten Hack is a paid cheat which is released for free that allows you to play the game with Hidden/Flashlight mods but without the hassle of you having to actually SEE the mods on your screen. You can also change the approach rate of a map to your liking.

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Will I get banned!?!?

– The only chance you have of getting banned out of this is people reporting you for blatantly spamming flashlight on long maps. It is completely undetected by the game.

Is osu!enlighten a virus?

– No, your antivirus could potentially detect a false positive out of it though.

How to use osu Enlighten Hack?

  1. Download and extract the files (turn off antivirus if needed)
  2. Run osu!
  3. If you are wanting to use flashlight and/or hidden patcher, turn on the mods and play a song for about 10 seconds with them
  4. Change the AR to whatever, patch FL/HD and exit the program
  5. Enjoy seeing circles better 😉

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Comments (17)

Popular Comments
  1. 81707

    did that and didnt work

  1. 127155

    İ am at the menu clicked patch hd i am waiting but its still trying to patch

  2. 125678

    when I finish a song osu crashes

  3. 29014

    it say failed to path hidden the only work is flashlight for me

  4. 29014

    do i need to change the ar when want to patch hidden ?

  5. 106959

    it works perfectly for HD but it fails to patch FL whenever I try

    • 74433

      You gotta play with the flashlight mod for around 15 seconds, if you’ve aleready patched HD, you will have to reopen the cheat and repeat the process of playing with flashlight, same goes for the AR if you’ve aleready changed your AR since this cheat is a bit old… but it still works!

  6. 104681

    game crashes when submitting play

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