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OsuBuddy Relax Hack (Relax, Aim Assist, Replay Bot)

UNDETECTED OsuBuddy Relax Hack

 Last Version: 27/06/2021

 Developers: wayz

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What is OsuBuddy Relax Hack?

OsuBuddy Relax Hack is an all in one cheat for osu!Standard (works with fullscreen 😉 )
It is undetected IF you use it with safe settings. (I advise you to stay away from the replay player, because it can easily get you banned!)

But other than replay player it’s fully external. This means it cannot be detected by osu!’s anticheat since it can only detect internal cheats that read tha game’s memory.

OsuBuddy Features


  • Aim Assist: Will assist your mouse towards the next note!
  • Relax: Will automatically click the notes for you!
  • Replay Player: Will playback the selected replay, can also interpolate and flip replays. Also has the option to only play mouse and/or keyboard inputs
How to make OsuBuddy undetectable?

If used properly, OsuBuddy is undetectable.
That being said, if you use this program with horrible settings, you will get banned. (Replay Player is 75% bannable, so, use at own risk )
Peppy’s main source of cheat detection (at the moment) is detecting for injected files and DLL’s, to see if any of osu’s files have been read/modified.
OsuBuddy is fully external. It doesn’t read or write memory, giving peppy no way of detecting it this way.

How to use OsuBuddy?

Make sure you have osu! opened
Then run the packaged OsuBuddy.exe file
Select the module’s / settings you’d like enabled
Then play a map and enjoy!

Winrar Password: 123

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  1. 154949


  1. 155428

    everyone the password is wayz

  2. 154949

    I NEED THE PASSWORD PLS HELP!! 123 isnt working like for other vers

  3. 154949


  4. 129675

    why do i get so little pp when i complete a map?

  5. 129675

    nvm found the password

  6. 129675

    whats the password for it?

  7. 125638

    i need a tutorial for this dumb ie file

  8. 124062

    It wont open for me can someone help

  9. 3160

    Replay bot isnt working properly :c

  10. 116520

    The aim assist is not good i need to move my mouse

  11. 111845

    for some reason when i try to open it it doesnt open any fix?

  12. 109611

    lmao discord stealer

  13. 105636

    what is the best setting for the aim assist and relax?

  14. 41969

    Anyway you can update it? it worked for a while but recently aim assist doesnt work and the program starts closing after each beatmap

  15. 100342

    what is the name and pass?

  16. 96743

    It doesent launch for some reason…

  17. 74433

    is replay detected? if it isnt i will use it over the other one i am using

  18. 83245

    whats the pass?
    nvm found it xd

  19. 67551

    some1 playing with buddy now?
    i create new acc, restricted after 15 min (cuz new acc and farm a lot pp for a bit time), but some1 actually use this cheat on main acc?

    thanks in advance.

  20. 26015

    The Aim Assist Doesnt work only relax works

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