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OsuBuddy Relax Hack (Relax, Aim Assist, Replay Bot) Remake 2022

UNDETECTED OsuBuddy Relax Hack

 Last Version: 16/06/2022

 Developers: REC#3269

OsuBuddy Remake Hack is an all in one cheat for osu!Standard (works with fullscreen)
It is undetected IF you use it with safe settings. We recommend to completely avoid setting super high scores that you couldn’t have set on your own as new accounts can get auto terminated when they suddenly aquire very high scores.

Osu Buddy Remake is a fully external cheat. This means OsuBuddy Remake Hack cannot be detected by osu!’s AntiCheat System since it can only detect internal cheats that read the game’s memory.

OsuBuddy Relax Hack:

  • Aim Assist: Will assist your mouse towards the next note!
  • Relax: Will automatically click the notes for you!
  • Timewarp: Slows or speeds up the song, letting you play it easier
  • AR Changer: Allows you to change

All of these settings can be configured to you liking through this cheat’s well made and user-friendly Menu!

osubuddy relax hack

How to make OsuBuddy Relax Hack Undetectable?

If used properly, OsuBuddy Remake is undetectable.
That being said, if you use this program with horrible settings, you will get banned as players can easily report your osu! account which can easily get it banned!
Peppy’s main source of cheat detection (at the moment) is detecting for injected files and DLLs, to see if any of osu’s files (memory) have been read/modified.
OsuBuddy Remake is fully external. It doesn’t read or write memory, giving peppy no way of detecting it this way.

How to use OsuBuddy Relax Hack?

  1. Download the cheat down below
  2. Open osu!
  3. Then run the packaged OsuM.exe file
  4. Configure the cheat’s settings to your liking
  5. Then play a map and enjoy!

Note: Make sure that you have raw input enabled in the game settings for the features to work

Developer’s discord server:

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Comments (113)

Popular Comments
  1. 26015

    The Aim Assist Doesnt work only relax works

    • 68189

      Yes, due to various circumstances we were not able to upload the newer updates on the website. However, everything is under control now and every update will be uploaded here as fast as possible.

  1. 187262

    never donwload this.
    this file is including trojan and backdore,dropper,malware and etc

  2. 126429

    The cheat kinda shit the aim assist is shit with legit settings

  3. 186995

    I’M rec, my computer was broke and i lost all my file and account

  4. 185077

    Cheat works, no ban.

  5. 186538

    As of now it no longer works for me, I tried redownloading it and still doesn’t work. Was working before but now when I try to activate something nothing runs

  6. 186062

    can u do so, or is there a option so relax stops clicking when not close to circles? thx

  7. 185773

    can u make the autobot more legit? like it looks like robot, can u humanize it? or give us the option to do it?

  8. 107411

    Did something happened to the discord?

  9. 41969

    Any chance you can fix the offset and miss rate? it used to work fine on previous versions but now i have to keep it at 0~10 otherwise it keeps missing or getting 100’s. and by making the offset 0~10 the score meter hit error makes it obvious you are cheating

  10. 41969

    Any chance you can fix the offset and miss rate? A couple of months ago it used to look normal on the score meter type hit error, now it’s obvious if you’re using relax because you’re just stuck in one place on it.

  11. 107411

    Everything works fine besides Spinbot offset

  12. 185365

    weird spinner isnt working for me but everything else is fine, but auto click is making osu say TD(Touch Device) mod is on

  13. 68189

    Only thing that works is SpinnerBot

  14. 1824

    only auto click function work

  15. 185103

    thanks bro! the Autohit really awesome, i’ll wait for tablet function work properly

    Great work

  16. 184812

    Nice man good job, thnx for the update

  17. 185074

    I just updated and wait for improve 😉

  18. 185365

    Hello Relax and Autohit do the same thing

  19. 185074

    AutoHit need your osu is fullscreen or borderless

  20. 185074

    I’m fixing it, sorry for this inconvenient

  21. 185321

    does this update fix spinners and include aim assist support for tablet?

  22. 68189

    The application doesn’t open after the latest update

  23. 68189

    I’ve just noticed that you can’t disable AutoBot once you have enabled it.

  24. 185333

    its pretty good except with spinners, idk if its supposed to spin it, but nothing happens for me and i have to manually do it as well as at times the autobot and aim assist cant keep up with everything even though it is 3 or 4 star maps

  25. 185321

    How can i use aim assist with tablet, i have to turn on Raw input but it doesnt work with tablet only mouse

  26. 185074


    -Make sure you have a good computer (if you use it in 8+ map)
    or you computer will lagging

  27. 68189

    good work, thanks for sharing

  28. 185182

    nice remake

  29. 183292

    It’s amazing that it still works lmao

  30. 155428

    everyone the password is wayz

  31. 154949

    I NEED THE PASSWORD PLS HELP!! 123 isnt working like for other vers

  32. 154949


  33. 129675

    why do i get so little pp when i complete a map?

  34. 129675

    nvm found the password

  35. 129675

    whats the password for it?

  36. 125638

    i need a tutorial for this dumb ie file

  37. 124062

    It wont open for me can someone help

  38. 3160

    Replay bot isnt working properly :c

  39. 116520

    The aim assist is not good i need to move my mouse

  40. 111845

    for some reason when i try to open it it doesnt open any fix?

  41. 109611

    lmao discord stealer

  42. 105636

    what is the best setting for the aim assist and relax?

  43. 41969

    Anyway you can update it? it worked for a while but recently aim assist doesnt work and the program starts closing after each beatmap

  44. 100342

    what is the name and pass?

  45. 96743

    It doesent launch for some reason…

  46. 74433

    is replay detected? if it isnt i will use it over the other one i am using

  47. 83245

    whats the pass?
    nvm found it xd

  48. 67551

    some1 playing with buddy now?
    i create new acc, restricted after 15 min (cuz new acc and farm a lot pp for a bit time), but some1 actually use this cheat on main acc?

    thanks in advance.

  49. 26015

    The Aim Assist Doesnt work only relax works

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