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Osu Free Aim Assist Cheat 2024 | External Python Hack

UNDETECTED Osu Free Aim Assist Cheat

 Last Version: 03/04/2024

 Developers: Takkeshi (LUXTACO)

Osu Free Aim Assist Cheat is exactly what you need if you are having problems getting better in the osu! game. With the help of the automatic mouse movement made by these osu! aimbot hacks, there is no doubt that you will quickly become one of the best players out there, among the other 4, 3, or even 2 digit players!

Why Should You Use the Osu Free Aim Assist Cheat?

osu! being one of the most skill-based rhythm games, it is only natural that you may feel skill-capped as you realize that you simply cannot get any better in the game by keeping playing or simply because of the fact that, you cannot get any better at a certain point while playing with a mouse as you simply need to switch to a tablet just like any other pro player.

Whatever your reason for using this Osu Free Aim Assist Cheat may be, you can be absolutely sure of the fact that this osu! hack will get you where you need through the help of this exquisite external cheat that completely stays out of the way of osu! anti-cheat system and lets you cheat completely safe, so that you do not have to worry about getting banned for rage-cheating and climbing up the leaderboard with your high-PP plays!

On top of that, this cheat is kept updated and is extremely easy to use for any person. All you have to do is follow the simple steps that are prepared for you below. Or if you realize that this kind of osu! cheat is not your stuff, you can check out more of our free osu! hacks on our website.

And if you are curious about how the Osu Free Aim Assist Cheat performs in-game, check out the following showcase. (There is no human input in this showcase, meaning that your gameplay should look smoother as the cursor would be controlled by both you and the script): https://streamable.com/t7w7b8

osu free aim assist cheat

How to Use the Osu Free Aim Assist Cheat?

The installation process for the cheat consists of the following steps:

Python Script:

  1. Download the Osu Free Aim Assist Cheat by clicking on the download button below
  2. Extract the files into a folder of your choice
  3. Download and install Python on your device (preferably the latest version). If this step is too complicated for you, you can look up how to install Python on YouTube, though it is just a simple setup file.
  4. For the python script, you just need to start it and the libraries should auto-download
  5. Once they auto-download, you should be good to go!


  1. For osu! you will need a skin, which should be included inside the skin folder.
  2. Zip the contents of “osu_skin” and rename it from .zip to .osk file extension
  3. Once you have the skin, you need to drag it into the osu! window, and it should install and equip it!


  • Make sure game is not in fullscreen!
  • You can change the programs color by changing “menu_color” in the config
  • You can change the skin; just make sure to update color values inside the config!

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