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Roze Mini Tools for GTA V Online | VoxModz GTA 5

UNDETECTED Roze Mini Tools for GTA V Online | VoxModz GTA 5

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: VoxModz

Hello dear cheatermad member, I’m Vox, and today I’m releasing my Roze Mini Tools for GTA V Online for everyone to use!

Roze Mini Tools for GTA V Online is a very advanced Free VoxModz GTA 5 that has pretty much every feature that you would look for and find in any other mod menu, especially when it comes to crash protections, as this GTA V Online Tools menu specializes in that area so that you are never crashed by any other mod menu again.

We are aware that there are numerous Free GTA 5 Mod Menus alternatives available, each with its own unique feature that distinguishes it from the others. However, we especially encourage this project because it is quite current and will not die anytime soon because this Free GTA Online Hack is heavily maintained for updates and problem repairs.


This does not change the fact that the GTA 5 Cheat Roze Mini Tools may not be the best option for you and that you are looking for a better option elsewhere, such as the Kiddion’s Modest Menu if you want an external option or the GTA 5 Online Mod Menu if you want an internal undetected option.

Features of Roze Mini Tools for GTA V Online

It should be noted, however, that crash protections are not the only feature featured in this fantastic GTA 5 Roze Mini Tools. Many features, such as internet options, self-hacking features, and even vehicle spawn settings, can be accessed within this Roze Mini Tools for GTA V Online Mod Menu, as shown in the screenshot below.

roze mini tools for gta v online | voxmodz gta 5

  • Online:
  • Self:
  • Recovery:
  • Execute:
  • Settings:

• Player Info (Rank, Global XP, Total Money, Kill, Death, K/D..)
• Gift Vehicle (Give Vehicule to Others Player and the player are able to store all car into this own garage)
• Drop Figurines (RP)
• Drop Cash (2500$) (Synchronized with others player)
• Drop Chips
• Give Rank ( Give 5000rp/s using trigger script event )
• Give All Collectibles

• God Mode
• Clear Wanted
• Skip Cutscene
• Unload Menu

• Casino Slots | Win 2,5M Chips or Loses
• Lucky Wheel Unlimited Prize
• Casino AFK Farm Chips, Clothes Unlock, Rank. ( AFK Using Lucky Wheel Local Event )
• Rank Updater ( Update your rank using Admin Stats )
• Unlock GTA Online Thanks to ShinyWasaby i take some of your Packed Stats
• Nightclub Safe Money AFK Farm
• Cayo Perico Instant Finish, Skip Preps, Skip In-Heist Steps, Change Cut of all Players

• Execute Script Global ( Int & Bool ) https://imgur.com/zg177is
• Execute Network Shop Earn https://imgur.com/hEY3g8q
• Execute Remove Money ( Remove All Money you want without Limit )

• HUD Colors Editor ( Change Weapons Wheel Colors and a lot of others Colors ) https://imgur.com/Aha1BJq
• Gun Van Editor ( Change the Gan Van Weapons to Custom Weapons)
• Change your outfit name ( you can use special Character and Modded Character )

How to use Roze Roze Mini Tools:

  1. Scroll down to download the Roze Mini Tools for GTA V Online, just like you would any other cheat on our website, and make sure no anti-virus software is stopping it.
  2. After downloading the Undetected Roze Mini Tools for GTA V Online, you must extract the DLL file from the archive and save it to a folder of your choice.
  3. If you haven’t already, launch Grand Theft Auto V’s online game mode and join a lobby as soon as feasible.
  4. You must first download and run an injector.
  5. Select the DLL file and then insert it into the game.
  6. Are you ready? Have fun mowing down the younger GTA Online players!

Important notes for Roze Mini Tools for GTA V Online

  • F5 Key for Open
  • Unlock Key: 938600275
  • This Tools has been created using BigBaseV2

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