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Rust Logitech Macro – Rust NoRecoil Hack 1MS

UNDETECTED Rust Logitech Macro - Rust NoRecoil Hack 1MS

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: RedHour

It is very important for you that the Rust Logitech Macro quality level of the horse you use is very high. If the Rust NoRecoil Hack 1MS you are using is not of high quality, you will not be able to reach the performance targets you have set for yourself in terms of speed and accuracy. The Free Rust NoRecoil Hack 1MS that we present to you here is exactly for you. You will need the support of Free Rust Macro Cheats to show your full potential and win the Rust Game.

Features of Rust NoRecoil Hack 1MS

Even if you carefully select each individual component of your gaming hardware setup, it’s possible that you still won’t get the results you’re after. You should make use of the latest generation of no recoil macro Rust choices because they improve the performance of your mouse and keyboard.

rust logitech macro - rust norecoil hack 1ms

In this way, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your skills in the rust game. Getting the most out of your performance and having the most success in the game is as simple as following these steps. to select the Rust No Recoil Macro choices of the highest possible quality!

  • Any Sensitivity
  • Any Fov (But best work on 0.4-0.6 sensitivity)
  • – Working on only Logitech mouses
  • – NO GAME BAN! Dont use Script, macro better.

How to use Rust Logitech Macro

  1. After basic steps open f1 console and put this input.ads_sensitivity 0.8333
  2. Now go line 146-147 and set your sensitivity and fov (best work in 0.4-0.6 sentivity)
  3. Select your weapon and change nil to mouse key and if you want use mods change false to true and save it (ctrl+s)
  4. Tap your mouse key and you need see on console xxx-MACRO-ON.

Weapons Code Rust Logitech Macro:

  • AK47
  • LR300
  • MP5A4
  • SMG
  • M249
  • SAR
  • M39
  • SAP
  • M92

local AK47_2 = nil
local AK47_2_HOLOSIGHT = false
local AK47_2_X8_SCOPE = false
local AK47_2_X16_SCOPE = false
local AK47_2_HANDMADESIGHT = false
local AK47_2_SILENCER = false
local AK47_2_MUZZLEBOOST = false

local LR300_2_HOLOSIGHT = false
local LR300_2_X8_SCOPE = false
local LR300_2_X16_SCOPE = false
local LR300_2_HANDMADESIGHT = false
local LR300_2_SILENCER = false
local LR300_2_MUZZLEBOOST = false
local LR300_2 = nil

local MP5A4_2 = nil
local MP5A4_2_HOLOSIGHT = false
local MP5A4_2_X8_SCOPE = false
local MP5A4_2_X16_SCOPE = false
local MP5A4_2_HANDMADESIGHT = false
local MP5A4_2_SILENCER = false
local MP5A4_1_MUZZLEBOOST = false
local MP5A4_2_MUZZLEBOOST = false

local THOMPSON_2 = nil
local THOMPSON_2_HOLOSIGHT = false
local THOMPSON_2_X8_SCOPE = false
local THOMPSON_2_X16_SCOPE = false
local THOMPSON_2_SILENCER = false

local SMG_2 = nil
local SMG_2_HOLOSIGHT = false
local SMG_2_X8_SCOPE = false
local SMG_2_X16_SCOPE = false
local SMG_2_HANDMADESIGHT = false
local SMG_2_SILENCER = false
local SMG_2_MUZZLEBOOST = false

local HMLMG_2 = nil
local HMLMG_2_HOLOSIGHT = false
local HMLMG_2_X8_SCOPE = false
local HMLMG_2_X16_SCOPE = false
local HMLMG_2_SILENCER = false

local M249_2 = nil
local M249_2_HOLOSIGHT = false
local M249_2_X8_SCOPE = false
local M249_2_X16_SCOPE = false
local M249_2_HANDMADESIGHT = false
local M249_2_SILENCER = false

local SAR_2 = nil
local SAR_2_HOLOSIGHT = false
local SAR_2_X8_SCOPE = false
local SAR_2_X16_SCOPE = false
local SAR_2_HANDMADESIGHT = false
local SAR_2_SILENCER = false

local M39_2 = nil
local M39_2_HOLOSIGHT = false
local M39_2_X8_SCOPE = false
local M39_2_X16_SCOPE = false
local M39_2_HANDMADESIGHT = false
local M39_2_SILENCER = false

local SAP_2 = nil
local SAP_2_HOLOSIGHT = false
local SAP_2_X8_SCOPE = false
local SAP_2_X16_SCOPE = false
local SAP_2_HANDMADESIGHT = false
local SAP_2_SILENCER = false

local M92_2 = nil
local M92_2_HOLOSIGHT = false
local M92_2_X8_SCOPE = false
local M92_2_X16_SCOPE = false
local M92_2_HANDMADESIGHT = false
local M92_2_SILENCER = false

local PYTHON_2 = nil
local PYTHON_2_HOLOSIGHT = false
local PYTHON_2_X8_SCOPE = false
local PYTHON_2_X16_SCOPE = false

local REVOLVER_1 = nil
local REVOLVER_1_SILENCER = false

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  1. 184297

    no, you can maybe get banned in servers if an admin is watching shoot someone, but the chance of that is 1%

  1. 500113

    why does it just pull the gun straight down and i have to pull up?

  2. 454186

    How do I actually download this without the 30 million ads and fake downloads?

  3. 57976

    does not work, it says loaded but it does not say MACRO-ON

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