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Sea Of Thieves Free Internal Cheat | Captain Hook SOT Hack

UNDETECTED Sea Of Thieves Free Internal Cheat

 Last Version: 18/02/2023

 Developers: GodHatesCheats

New Sea Of Thieves Free Internal Cheat you can download from our website. A large selection of features, a game without a ban, and many other advantages in relation to other players. For example, there are features such as: Aimbot with which you can shoot perfectly, the function Visuals where there are various settings for displaying enemies through textures on the map, for displaying treasures, mermaids, ships, and much more. There are also other additional functions like bhop, Panic key, Player List, etc.

sea of thieves free internal

Our website meets the requests of our members with new cheats and hacks every day. Sot cheats won the love of many players with the latest update of the game and almost doubled the player base.If this cheat does not satisfy you, you can check our other Free Sea of ​​Thives Cheats and Hacks. Download this cheat on Sea Of Thieves from our site and you will not regret it 🙂

sea of cheaters 1
Sea of Thieves Free Hack Download | Atheras SOT with Speedhack

sea of thieves free internal

What are the Features of Sea Of Thieves Free Internal Cheat?

  • Ship ESP – Displays the enemy ship, size, and distance to the target. Also shows sunken ships.
  • Map Marker – you can leave a marker on the map that will be visible during the game. Visible across the entire map.
  • Auto Fish – automatically catches fish, you only need to throw a fishing rod.
  • Farm Bot – a Bot for automatic fishing and selling fish, you can catch fish near the seller and immediately sell it.
  • You can find the features in the images I will add here.
  • Features 1
  • Features 2
  • Features 3

sea of thieves free internal cheat

sea of thieves free internal cheat

sea of thieves free internal cheat

Hello Captains, after 2 weeks of studying the Unreal Engine and fighting through upcoming problems, i’ve decided to release my currently “unfinished” Sea Of Thieves Free Internal Cheat.
The cheat is completly based on engine drawings and engine functions, no usage of DirectX and will be engine only in the future.

There still could be some treasures and barrels unlisted but they will get added in releases later on.

This thread will be updated if a new release is being published, please report bugs and issues to this thread.

Features of Captain Hook SOT Hack:

  • Ship ESP (Player&AI)
  • Players ESP
  • Fov Changer
  • Map pins
  • Item ESP
  • Cannon Trajectory (May not work for everyone)

How to use:

  1. Open Sea of Thieves
  2. Inject the sodwin11.dll with manual map extreme injector, only works in steam version, you must have minhook in the same folder as sodwin11.dll
  3. Press Insert to show the menu


Why I upload this Sea Of Thieves Free Internal Cheat?

  •  Mainly cuz I want to know how much portability this shitty base has
  • I think people who used to release big updates on full features SoT-Hook stopped doing it? IDK.
  • who cares New season


Developer Note:

This is a Sea Of Thieves Free Internal Cheat that I haven’t used in a while and got updated for Season 8. Because of this, you might find some weird shit on rendered text, because I like to test things, all features should work, but let me know if you find a bug or something like that. We are grateful for any and all input.

Never before have I had issues with rendering, but recently I’ve noticed that Nvidia instant replay has been causing some crashes. As a result, you should disable any form of overlay (including Nvidia, Discord, and so on), and you should also disable Vsync, in order to prevent crashes.

You are free to inject it with any program you like—you can even use Cheat Engine—but the loader that I use is from Sea Of Thieves Free Internal Cheat.

All of the credit for this goes to vianove13 and the other members of the forum that post examples, which I yoink code from (mogistink, kierak, Craftexperts, gummy..).

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  1. 1

    lol xD

  1. 36721

    Game crash doesnt work

  2. 211071

    Is cannon aim working? If so , how to use it?
    Global aim – enabled
    Canon aim – enabled
    Aim to hull – enabled, but canon shots are still missed

  3. 189566

    Many features doesn’t work well, cannon pre aim is not working and neither bunny hop doesn’t work very well

  4. 190409

    when opening the map it crashes the game like what
    Death_Infantry21 said!

  5. 190332

    The game is updated and he is useless, please update

  6. 190267

    when opening the map it crashes the game

  7. 148809

    aim is deleted it works but the misc will crash ur game

  8. 60485

    Request for update. Game has been update for today.

  9. 60485

    This script need update. all not working.

  10. 60485

    Need update. Not working anymore

  11. 184494

    Hi, the “Loader” app closes immediately on launch. I am on window 10 pro 21h2, have the latest C++ redist, I disabled defender, ran the app as admin, and have the game open. Didn’t work for today’s update and before

  12. 185547

    Says ‘this installation package is not supported by this processor type.’

    Any alternative that supports AMD proccessors?

  13. 183881

    how do I open menu?

  14. 183750

    How to open the menu?

  15. 160095

    how can i injected

  16. 113501

    Nice cheat but i found 1 problem when server hopping with server list on it crashes

  17. 36721

    The Cheat is deleted

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