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Story of Season Trainer Hack 2021

UNDETECTED Story of Season Trainer Hack 2021

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: wh0am15533

Story of Season Trainer Hack 2021

Story of Season Trainer Hack is a cheat for Story of Season with tons of features for you to download it for free right now and discover them

About Story of Seasons

Welcome to Olivingen, a peace-loving community founded by your pioneering grandfather and friends. You have now taken over his farm and it is your job to continue his work.


Grow crops, raise animals, build relationships, and meet the people of your new home in this new sequel to the STORY OF SEASONS series!

Cultivate your farm, cultivate your city
Tame the wilderness and build your very own farm! Collect and process material to carry out orders and expand the infrastructure of olivingen, improve your tools or commission new outfits and accessories.

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A farm with endless possibilities
Clear the land, repair old businesses and build new ones wherever you see fit. Improve your farming skills and create decorative items and systems, including fences, automatic feeders for your animals or irrigation systems for your fields!

New adventures off the beaten track
While you are exploring your farmland, you will come across earth spirits that will lead you to mysterious, fantastic lands in gardens with the same seasons, on an island in the sky or even inside a volcano!

There is always something going on in Olivingen!
Take part in city festivals and watch the whole city bloom! Meet your neighbors in over 200 unique events

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How to Install Story of Season Trainer Hack

  1. Download the Story Season Trainer Hack
  2. Extract the trainer from the .rar archive
  3. Use either Doorstop or BepInEx to inject the cheat into the game
  4. Enjoy & have fun

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