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Tower of Fantasy Internal Hack – Auto Quest, TP, ESP, Rapid Attacks 2023

OUTDATED Tower of Fantasy Internal Hack

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: zarboz

What you’ll find in this free Tower of Fantasy Internal Hack has features you won’t find in other Tower of Fantasy cheats. This TOF Hack with a dropdown for chests to teleport to the world Use it at your own risk because if you teleport too far you will fall through the map or fall from the sky. Colors Cleaned and Beautified by its developer zarboz.

I learned a lot from the website cheatermad.com and the members here and wanted to contribute to this community in some way.

Tower of Fantasy Internal Hack ShowCase Video;

Features of Tower of Fantasy Internal Hack;

I have listed Tower of Fantasy Internal Hack Features below, I hope this TOF hack will satisfy you. If you don’t want to miss any updates about this post, you can add this page to your bookmarks by using CTRL + D keyboard.

  • 3d Box ESP (Chests/players/enemies/resources/everything)
  • Teleport to closest chest
  • Teleport to closest boss
  • Teleport at enemy while attacking
  • Always have perfect chest opens (chests never self destruct)
  • Auto Quest completion button
  • Rapid Attacks (Doesnt matter what kind of weapon you’re holding)


You should read the Tower of Fantasy Internal Hack Instructions carefully, if you see any missing information, report it in the comments and we will fix it.

  1. Download TOF Internal Hack for free from the button below. (Winrar Password: 123)
  2. Then download an injector, it is found in our Injector Category.
  3. Now run this injector you downloaded as an administrator.
  4. Start the TOF Game.
  5. Inject HottaHack.dll into the game via Injector.
  6. Enjoy this free Tower of Fantasy Cheat.
  • IF you use GH injector (if you use extreme its close)
  • LoadLibraryExW
  • ThreadHijacking
  • Hijack handle = true
  • then inject AFTER the character is loaded into your world
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  1. 251982

    no .dll help pls and gh injetor not work on not dll

  2. 200942

    Is there any injector other than GH injector that I can use? because I need to pay a few dollars for GH injector.

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