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Undetected Valorant External Triggerbot 2023

UNDETECTED Valorant External Triggerbot

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: Shakai0808

This Undetected Valorant External Triggerbot , the current Status is SAFE. You can still get banned if you play too much obvious (manual ban). Some kids sold my free triggerbot v1, thats why we added a license system, dont worry its 100% free Valorant triggerbot 100% Undetected Will never be detected since it’s a autohotkey script that detects yellow color. I recommend this config for Vandal/Phantom

YES! THIS IS UNBANNABLE FOR EVER. Script does also not contain words like: Triggerbot, Hack, Autofire, So even if vanguard reads it they wont know what it does. That being said try to stay “legit” dont keep hitting, crazy shots with 1ms reaction all the time

valorant external triggerbot

How to use Valorant External Triggerbot:

Valorant must be in “windowed/fullscreen” windowed And disable RAW input buffer if its “ON” Default enemy outlines “yellow”. If changed in script make sure its the same. Use either a small dot as crosshair or an open crosshair.

  • F1= Triggerbot On
  • F2= Triggerbot Only activates when “Hold_Key” is held down
  • F3= Autofire (On/Off)
  • F4= Triggerbot Off
  • Home= Hide Gui (graphical user interface)
  • End= Exit script

Make sure Autohotkey (FREE) is downloaded and installed on your PC

If you want you can change hotkeys in AHK File.
custom keys names: https://www.autohotkey.com/docs/KeyList.htm

SETTINGS Valorant External Triggerbot:

  • pixel_box := 1.1 ; Keep between min 3 and max 8
  • pixel_sens := 70 ; higher/lower = more/less color sensitive
  • pixel_color := 0xFEFE40 ; yellow=”0xFEFE40″, purple=”0xA145A3″
  • tap_time := 150 ; Delay in ms between shots when triggered
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  1. 68189

    just go throught the download proccess normally

  1. 310652

    what is autofire and hold key

  2. 143872

    where is the tap time? what line

  3. 184494

    This was working great last week but when I played just today, it was easily detectable, got banned in the middle of my first game on a fresh account so you can expect that no one has reported me yet plus I play very legit (switching weapons and play style)

  4. 188349

    Can anyone give me a tutorial?

  5. 186909

    nice virus like 30 programs started running on my computer

  6. 185877

    says this program is not compatible with your account type.

  7. 37632

    any direct link?

  8. 185665

    can someone give me direct download Stellsor#7338

  9. 185610

    Its great i must say 🙂 I nice cheat 😉

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