Free Wallhack In all DirectX Games – ( VALORANT WALLHACK )

valorant wallhack

 Version: 20210328

 Developers: Intel :)

Hello, dear cheatermad members, I will show you how you can VALORANT WALLHACK in DirectX games. But before I show, I have to say what these DirectX games are. DirectX is an application programming interface created by Microsoft to prepare multimedia software, especially video games, in a convenient, fast and compatible manner. Currently, the most current official version is DirectX 12.

Most Popular VALORANT WALLHACK Directx Games;

Hitman, Crysis, Battlefield, Devil May Cry, Civilization, Valorant and many more games.

How to Use:

  • Select your OS and download (ex. Windows)
  • Run Graphics Monitor before launching Valorant and set
  • To change the Wireframe hotkey, press the spanner on the bottom left and go into Shortcuts
  • Show Wireframe = F button

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  1. Hello
    I use that monitor analyzer and used in game BlackSquad and is working but after 2 minutes im getting the error.
    ” An error occured with the anti cheat program. The game will now closed please restart the game.”
    And then game closed

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