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Valorant AHK Script Pack | Bhop & Triggerbot 2023

OUTDATED Valorant AHK Script Pack

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: Unknown

Valorant AHK Script Pack is a pack of UNDETECTED AutoHotkey scripts for Valorant Bhop & TriggerBot. The developer of this project is not me! Someone sent me these scripts in order to post here. These scripts have been under continuous use for the past 3 months without any bans. My Discord: WeirD KiD#0119

How to Use Valorant AHK Script Pack:

  1. Download the Valo AHK Script Pack files
  2. Extract the files
  3. Download AutoHotkey
  4. Open Valorant
  5. Run the Script
  6. Make sure that the script and enemy outline colour are the same.
  • Use the TriggerBot by holding down the Shift key (keybind can be changed).
  • Use the Bhop by holding down the Space key.

valorant ahk script pack


Some users may experience problems when trying to run both scripts at once! Use the TriggerBot by holding down the Shift key (keybind can be changed). Use the Bhop by holding down the Space key.

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Changelog: v1.1 – Now works with all colour outlines, Combined both scripts into one

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Comments (78)

Popular Comments
  1. 184297

    yo, can you link a spoofer that works on valorint, i have non

  1. 187054

    guys when i download from uptodown.ninja 5xEsvX43DFLlloZ.htm this is what i download or detect

  2. 186496

    I downloaded, ran as admin, then I hear the beep but it won’t
    work (color is correct and everything.

  3. 186496

    I downloaded, ran as admin, then I hear the beep but it won’t work when color is purple and everything.

  4. 31918

    how can i change the shooting time

  5. 21747

    i can get banned?

  6. 186159

    well it is a virus i checked on links checkers it saying malware soooo

  7. 68189

    Hey everyone, my old Discord account got hacked. Do not click any links that you might receive from it and feel free to add me on my new one: A WeirD Alt#2737 for support or any questions. Thanks 🙂

  8. 126436

    Good script, would be amazing if you could add a little no recoil to it!

  9. 37632

    Triggerbot working but I dont like the default key pls how to change the keybind?? please reply.thank you..

  10. 68189

    If you need a spoofer that works with every winver for free try this one by Reezli: https://cheatermad.com/valorant-kernel-temp-spoofer-cleaner/ It is not a perma spoofer so make sure you don’t use it on your main account!

  11. 116075

    how i can change keybind

  12. 185504

    im holding shift but nothing happens I tried with all colors 🙁

    • 68189

      You have to press F2 when the AHK window opens. If you already did that then make sure you haven’t modified the default colours of your PC and that the script is running as Admin.

      • 185504

        I followed the color and instructions you said, nothing happened, I’ll try a few more times, thanks.

        and the script was already assigned to open as administrator according to what was coded.

        I’ll post the latest status here<3

  13. 185499

    So how do I turn off bhop?

  14. 116562

    Triggerbot is working but Idk how to use BhOp

  15. 185363

    this cheat does not work yes there is a sound but it will not load in the game

  16. 68189

    You can now contact me on Twitter as well: https://twitter.com/sponggy_priest

  17. 185358

    it doesn’t work
    F2 to activate and nothing happen

  18. 185358

    it doesn’t work, it says to press F2, it presses and nothing happens

    • 68189

      Specific Instructions:
      1. Run Trigger.ahk
      2. Press F2 (you will hear a beeping sound after doing so)
      3. Go to Valorant’s settings and set the enemy outline colour to Purple
      4. Hold Shift to activate

  19. 184812

    nice work, i will try it

  20. 184961

    Warning Do Not Use Any Ahk Scripts in Val… without hide or sum similar bc its detected.

    Gotten banned 2 times for ahk triggerbots

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