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Valorant Kernel Temp Spoofer & Cleaner

CRACK Valorant Kernel Temp Spoofer & Cleaner Cracked

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: bosser

This is a paid pasted Valorant Kernel Temp Spoofer, I removed the Auth System and fixed the shitty code. I tried it, you get unbanned and you can play a few valorant games (I lasted 5 Games). If you want your original HWID etc back, restart your pc and everything is like before!

How does it work Valorant Kernel Temp Spoofer ?

  • Clean
  • Spoof
  • Enjoy

How to fix Valorant resolution bug:

  1. Open Device Manager
  2. Disable Monitor

My Other Valorant Cheat Projects:

Note: This is not a Permanent Woofer, its not for Main Accounts, its for those who like it to go full RAGE.
1x Click and you are able to play again.

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Comments (17)

Popular Comments
  1. 68189

    Alright great! Imma try it out on 21H2

  1. 235425

    this work on win 11

  2. 187457

    spoofing task appears to be unable to start because user.exe download is not available can you fix this?

  3. 187359

    beyler dün akşam yaptım girdim bugün yapıyorum olmuyor pc yi yeniden başlatıyorum olmuyor ne yapmam lazım {win 10 21h2}

  4. 186512

    fucked my windows search

  5. 186169

    How to use it, i alr clean-spoof, so what next

  6. 185388

    i got a blue scrteen when i spoof?

  7. 57976

    i can’t download it’s like filed named .html that does not make it possible to hack the game

  8. 155018

    Do I have to uninstall valorant and other riot files? Because it didn’t delete it after cleaning and spoofing and then getting banned again.

  9. 68189

    What windows versions does this work on?

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