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Yerba Mate Tycoon Trainer Hack 2021 Free Download

UNDETECTED Yerba Mate Tycoon Trainer

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: wh0am15533

Yerba Mate Tycoon Trainer is trainer hack made for Yerba Mate Tycoon, a small indie game on Steam which is currently in early access, meaning that the game in not completely 100% finished and is still in developement.

With this trainer hack you can open the SRDebugger console, add 1 million money, 500 fans, complete research and yerba creation.

About Yerba Mate Tycoon

You are probably familiar with Tycoon / Management games. Yerba Mate Tycoon is a unique management game. You are taking care of a yerba mate production shop/company. You can create, customize various yerba mates, unlock new upgrades, and grow your company. No idea what yerba mate is? Let’s say it’s a alternative to coffee in South American countries.

Yerba Mate Tycoon Trainer Money Hack

Money is the essence of Yerba Mate Tycoon. It is the core element of the game and it is your goal to earn more and more throughout the game. With money you can create, customize and unlock many upgrades that suit your playstyle. Overall money is very import for you to get better and improve your store / company in the game. With this trainer hack you can add 1 million dollars to your in game account and spend it on anything you want like upgrades.

Yerba Mate Tycoon Trainer Fan Hack

I’m sure you are familiar with the fan system from other games. Usually in video games, fans help you get better by helping you earn more. In Yerba Mate Tycoon fans help you grow your bussinnes and earn more and more money. So, it is important to gain as much fans as possible if you want to improve your shop. With the Yerba Mate Tycoon Trainer Hack fan hack feature of this hack trainer, you can gain an infinite amount of fans and start earning more money.

How to install and use Yerba Mate Tycoon Trainer Hack?
  1. Download the .rar file that contains the trainer’s dll. You can find the red download button at the end of this post, click it to start the download process
  2. Extract the trainer dll from the .rar archive in any folder you would like (.rar password: cheatermad.com)
  3. Follow one of these 2 tutorials to inject the trainer dll into the game:
    Doorstop Tutorial
    BepInEx Tutorial (Recommended by the developer of this trainer)
    [If one of them doesn’t work try the other one]
  4. Start Yerba Mate Tycoon
  5. Enjoy the game:)
Features and Hotkeys
  • Open SRDebugger Console [RightShift + D]
  • Add 1 Million Dollars [RightShift + M]
  • Add 500 Fans [RightShift + F]
  • Complete Current Research [RightShift + R]
  • Complete Yerba Creation [RightShift + Y]

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