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Free Valorant Chams Wallhack Cheat | Universal Wallhack Download 2021

OUTDATED Free Valorant Chams Wallhack Cheat | Universal Wallhack Download

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: DrinkPositive

Free Valorant Chams Wallhack Cheat is Newest Updated Hack for Valorant similar to the Best Undetected Valorant Cheats that give you an advantage.

With this amazing Valorant Hack that gives lets you see enemies’ player models behind walls and objects, there will be absolutely no match that you can lose, considering you are playing legit in order to keep a low profile and reports away from your account.

What is Free Valorant Chams Wallhack Cheat

Free Valorant Chhams Wallhack is a DLL file based cheat for Valorant that hijacks Discord’s DX11 Present to hook DrawIndexed from the SwapChain which then draws the players’ (enemies) models behind any object that you can think of. As you can see this is not a common way to inject a wallhack into Valorant, this is probably the first one you might have ever seen. But keep in mind that this is a brilliant way of doing so as Discord is a trusted source by Valorant making this cheat a perfect base model for developers that are looking to make bypasses for it and make a paid cheat out of it.

It is also important to know that it is not possible the inject the DLL file into Valorant using a simple common injector as Vanguard will detect it immediately. Instead, you can use an injector such as FACE Injector which I will talk more about in the “How to Use” section.

free valorant chams wallhack cheat

What is Valorant Wallhack

Wallhack is a common hack features that you have seen and will continue to see in pretty much every single competitive FPS game. Which is kind of ironic in this context as finding a Free Wallhack for Valorant is like searching a needle in a haystack because of how strict the Vanguard anti cheat is. As soon as a free hack for Valorant comes out in a couple of day it gets detected because of how Vanguard specifically works. Keep in mind that this only goes for internal cheats since external ones can stay undetected.

Wallhack is a general term used for cheat features that show you information about the enemy or the enemy itself behing objects and walls, giving you the upper-hand since you constantly know where the enemies are located. In this case the wallhack is a cham, meaning that the play model is shown and not other information such as gun, HP, name or distance which are hard to come by for Valorant.

free valorant chams wallhack cheat

How to Use Free Valorant Chams Wallhack Cheat

Using the Free Valorant Chams Wallhack Cheat is not simple as you might think it is. If you have read the part above, you probably have read that the cheat cannot be injected with a regular injector which is correct. I will tell you how you can use it step by step in this section and you will be able to enjoy the coolness this Free Valorant Chams Wallhack Cheat has to offer for you!

  1. Like you do with every single cheat in the world, go ahead and download the file, the DLL, necesarry down below. Simple click on the download button
  2. Once the the DLL file which is compressed in a RAR archive has been downloaded in your downloads directory, navigate to that directory, open the RAR archive using an archive extractor tool and extract the DLL into a folder of your choice. Do not forget where it is.
  3. Start Valorant via the Riot Client if you haven’t already
  4. Use a working Valorant injector such as FACE Injector in order to inject the Free Valorant Chams Wallhack Cheat into the Valorant process itself
  5. You are good to go! Now all you have to do is hop into a game and camp enemies behind walls!
  6. Enjoy & have fun!

free valorant chams wallhack cheat

Developer Notes | Free Valorant Chams Wallhack Cheat


Here is the sauce of an internal hack that hijacks Discord DX11 Present to then hook DrawIndexed from the SwapChain, to then draw models thru walls and reverse culled.
credit to @furiosdestruct and @ziqp2010

and credit to @Nseven for universal wallhack https://github.com/DrNseven/D3D11-Worldtoscreen-Finde

Enjoy and have a nice one

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    what the password?

  1. 174671

    çalışmıyor FİXED

  2. 157006

    Don’t use it guys, repo has been updated 9 months ago so its kinda detected if its working

  3. 172872

    When I inject it, nothing happens, solution?

  4. 146773

    missing kernel32.dll error

  5. 170245

    Where do you inject it to? I injected it to Valorant.exe and it said it cant find “kernel32.dll” =???

  6. 161678

    его на c++ надо написать
    или opengl вроде даже

  7. 161630

    someone help me i cant inject it, pls comment ur discord so i can text u

  8. 158469

    face injector gives me error it says “ldr failed #1”

  9. 86901

    “you can use an injector such as FACE Injector which I will talk more about in the “How to Use” section” and didn’t even showed how to use it. It’s just saying use something like a FACE injector and that’s it, Didn’t even show how to inject or how to even download it.

  10. 155334

    what the password?

  11. 156335

    provide inject?

  12. 143847

    ban in the first match ?

  13. 119620

    Was it updated today?
    But still have risks?

  14. 85317

    не работает чит или инжектора перепробывал 20 инжекторов и не фига

  15. 27939

    someone make a tutorial video

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    cab someone send me link to injector or show me how to use FACE injector

  17. 85317

    где взять инжектар не один не подходит

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