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Gearshifters Trainer Cheat Free Download 2021

UNDETECTED Gearshifters Trainer Cheat Free Download 2021

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: wh0am15533

Gearshifters Trainer Cheat Free Download 2021

Gearshifters Trainer Cheat is a great hack for Gearshifters with some great amount of features like infinite money, health, charge and ammo hack

Gearshifters Trainer Cheat Installation

  1. Download the trainer down below
  2. Extract the dll from the archive
  3. Use either Doorstop or BepInEx to inject the dll into the game
  4. Enjoy :))

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Gearshifters Trainer Cheat Features

  • Invincibility
  • Add 10K Money
  • Add Full Charge
  • Add Full Health
  • Refill Ammo
  • Unlock All Upgrades
  • Complete Current Stage
  • Unlock All Skills
  • Apply Weapon Boosts and Max Ammo
  • Apply Vehicle Performance Mods
  • Return to HQ

About Gearshifters

Arcade shoots them on roguelite. Control, detonate and blast your way through enemy vehicles and destroy bosses. Customize your gear of mods, defenses and weapons for each dangerous mission.


Use precise control and driving skills to circle enemies, dodge incoming projectiles and unleash intense attacks. High-octane action with every twist, slide, and spin.

Defeat the anarchist factions that dominate the dystopian Europe of the future and defeat their crazy and heavily armed bosses.

Complete dangerous delivery missions to ensure the safe arrival of valuable goods. Get paid and customize your car with offensive, defensive, cosmetic and performance tweaks.

Expand your territory on the post-apocalyptic continent. Only the most experienced shifter can take the most dangerous roads and reach the mysterious citadel.

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  • Top to bottom vehicular combat based on high intensity physics.
  • Procedurally generated routes and hostile waves.
  • Fight in 27 levels in 9 environmental zones, each with its own faction and opponent.
  • Customize your combat vehicle with over 100 randomly unlocked upgrades.
  • The arc of the story spans five acts.
  • Standard, Casual and Deadly (PermaDeath) game modes.
  • 3D world animated from top to bottom.
  • Original soundtrack.
  • A set of accessibility options. (To be confirmed before departure.)

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