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League of Legends KBotExt Client Hack


 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: kebs

What is League of Legends KBotExt Client Hack?

League of Legends KBotExt Client Hack is an open source League of Legends Client Hack written in C and C++. It allows you to do tons of stuff with your League of Legends client. And it works for every patch and update. It even has features like FREE ARAM boost exploit and unlocking Tristana champion and Riot Girl Tristana skin for FREE. You can set your rank to challanger, exceed the custom status’ character limit (25 charachters) and set it to anything, set your icon to icons that you don’t even own and change your profile background to any skins  you want. All of these are visible to you friends and other players. And many more features…

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 How to use League of Legends KBotExt Client Hack?

1) Download KBotExt.rar
2) Extract it whereever you like
4) Start League of Legends
5) Run KBotExt.exe (Note that, the name of the exe file will automatically change itself in order to avoid detection)
6) Have fun and troll your friends!


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If you need support or want to hang out with other cheaters, you can join our Discord server by clicking HERE


  • Save username and password
  • Create custom Lobbies (Practice Tool 5v5 etc.)
  • Start queue
  • Dodge lobby
  • Instant message (Role caller)
  • Instalock champion (Only blind pick)
  • FREE ARAM skin boost
  • Custom status (exceed client’s character limit)
  • Change rank (visible to others)
  • Change icon (visible to others)
  • Change profile background (visible to others)
  • Get info from user ()
  • Champion/skin info (Item ID / purchase date / quantity etc…)
  • Craft keys
  • Open all chests
  • Open all Mastery Chests
  • Disenchant all champion shards
  • Launch multiple clients
  • Launch legacy client
  • Close client
  • FREE Tristana + Riot Girl skin
  • Remove all friends
  • Send custom requests


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    you said its open source, where is the code of it?

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