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Phasmophobia Cheat Table for

OUTDATED Phasmophobia Cheat Table

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: YOKARAMANE

Phasmophobia Cheat Table gives you Flashlights/Glowstick control hook, 4-slot inventory,
Infinite pictures, rapid photos and many more features. Your fearful nights will cease to be nightmares and turn into a fun area where you can troll your friends. To use Phasmophobia Cheat Table, you need to download cheatengine. You can browse our category for undetected Phasmophobia Cheat & hacks.

Lobby Cheats for Phasmophobia Cheat Table:

  • Hoop score hook
  • Item store buy hack
  • Item store sell hack
  • All buttons pressable when not host
  • Server info hook

In-Game Cheats:

  • Flashlights/Glowstick control hook
  • 4-slot inventory
  • Infinite pictures
  • Rapid photos
  • Infinite smudge stick uses (host only)
  • Infinite salt (only 9 visible spots max)
  • Team sanity
  • Player sanity
  • Visible ghost flicker (may not be displayed correctly)
  • Fully visible ghost (https://i.ibb.co/bNtqTpD/Screenshot-4.png)
  • Ghost info/player room
  • Ghost hunt (may not work correctly)
  • Ghost speed
  • Cursed items anti break (host only)
  • Cursed items (show which ones are present on the map)
  • Fuse box always starts turned on
  • Power & light info
  • After mission EXP reward
  • Mission info
  • Evidence controller
  • Player & Ghost’s current room (real-time)
  • Setup phase info (truck)
phasmophobia cheat table
phasmophobia cheat table

Use Anywhere Cheats:

  • Player coordinates hook
  • Infinite stamina
  • Walk/Sprint hook
  • Throw strength hook
  • Reach distance hook
  • Truck keypad – force end mission (host only)
  • Hunt anti-close door (host only)
  • Force pikup items when dead
  • God mode (will respawn instantly after dying) (after death you can’t take more than one item, you have to include 4 slots in the table. Thanks barringhton)

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