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Timberborn Trainer Cheat 2021

UNDETECTED Timberborn Trainer Cheat 2021

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: wh0am15533

Timberborn Trainer Cheat 2021

Timberborn Trainer Cheat has everything you need in the game. It has features like infinite resources hack, infinite science points hack and instant construction

About Timberborn

  • Humanity has turned the earth into a dry and perishable desert. However, some animals have managed to adapt and evolve. Choose one of the beaver factions and find out how long your colony can last!
  • Beaver Guild
    Take control of one of two beaver factions: the rustic nature lovers or the hard-working iron teeth, each with unique styles, buildings, and gameplay features. Choose what suits your playing style!

screenshots zu timberborn: alles zum taktik & strategie-spiel timberborn

  • Wet and Dry
    Prepare your facility for recurring droughts. Store and manage fields and forests even after the rivers have dried up. Relying on both natural and artificial irrigation to improve soil.
  • River Engineering
    The beavers of the future have thousands of years of experience in hydraulic engineering. Build dams and locks, dig canals with dynamite, and open rivers to bring the wasteland back to life. However, be careful with explosives.
  • Lumberpunk
    Turn wood into sophisticated machinery, from waterwheels and saws to engines and choppers. Wood is Timberborn’s main resource. However, some delicate structures required metal, and looters had to search for the ruins of the ancient world.
  • Vertical Architecture
    Create a thriving beaver colony using a vertical architectural system. Space is limited, so stack your huts and workshops on top of each other, build platforms and bridges, and build power grids for your growing population.
    Day/night cycle

timberborn: das biber-aufbauspiel hat mehr drauf als eine kuriose idee

How to Install Timberborn Trainer Cheat

  1. Download the Timberborn Trainer Cheat
  2. Extract the dll from the RAR archive
  3. Use either Doorstop, BepInEx or a Standalone injector to inject the dll into the game [You can find all of these on our website]
    P.S.: If using BepInEx place the modded IronTeeth.ScienceSystem.dll in the _Data/Managed folder replacing the original after making backup.
  4. Enjoy 🙂

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