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CSGO Prime Bot – Weebware 21 Level Farm

OUTDATED csgo prime bot

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: protected

CSGO Prime bot for free! weebware csgo cheat is a 21 level prime cheat you can use to cheat your account. But this weebware 21 level farm bot cheat was causing you to be banned. We solved this problem with a few protection programs. Now you can make a 21 level farm bot in csgo for free with protected_weebware.dll.

CSGO Prime Bot

If you do not know how to inject this dlly into the game, you can use it by downloading an injector from this link immediately. You can also upgrade your account to Prime status for free by using this free csgo cheat. Actually, that’s the side of the cheat, who wouldn’t want to be level 21 for free?


Normally using the weebware cheat allows you to get a vac ban in the game, but we have protected this cheat with a software. In this way, you are less likely to have a vac ban, but if you want to avoid vac ban, you can download MADLOADER right here and run weebware with vac bypass.


If you want to sell your prime accounts with CSGO Prime Bot, you can come to our discord server. This way you can earn money. You can come to our Disord server to talk not just for sales, and to find cheating buddies.

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